Mark Norman

  • Music

    January 13, 2005

    Touching base with local projects

    Wassup with Kongos, Hermosa Drive, Numbers on Napkins, and Ghetto Cowgirl

  • Music

    March 28, 2002

    Up and Rumbling

    After five years of fits and starts, Gin Blossoms songwriter/guitarist Jesse Valenzuela finally launches a solo career

  • Music

    December 14, 2000

    Y2 Chaos

    Looking back at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of local music in 2000

  • News

    August 17, 2000

    I, Claudia

    Claudia DiFolco isn't really a ditz. She just plays one on TV.

  • Music

    February 10, 2000

    Credible Excuses

    Bright days ahead for Mark Norman and Ghetto Cowgirl

  • Music

    September 2, 1999

    Desert Sons

    Shoeless Joe makes twangy art out of broken dreams

  • Music

    May 6, 1999

    Harm's Way

    Arizona Music Forum finally reaches local musicians with its first local jam

  • Music

    December 3, 1998

    Life After Death

    As we reach the fifth anniversary of Doug Hopkins' suicide, his best music remains unheard by all but a few friends

  • Music

    March 5, 1998

    Ballot Hordes

    Honey Child walks away with H.O.R.D.E. slot at strangely unrepresentative contest