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    August 11, 2014

    Fall Out Boy and Paramore - Ak-Chin Pavilion - 8/8/2014

    The Monumentour was an apt name for bringing together pop-punk behemoths Paramore and Fall Out Boy for a mega-co-headlining concert. The veteran bands, both more than 10 years old, showed off their greatest hits for an audience who had mostly grown up with them at Friday's Ak-Chin Pavilion show. Co ... More >>

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    July 7, 2014

    BroLoaf's 5th Annual Patriotic Meltdown - Yucca Tap Room - 7/4/2014

    BroLoaf's 5th Annual Patriotic Meltdown Yucca Tap Room Friday, July 4, 2014 Most Tempe residents flocked to Tempe Beach Park to watch fireworks on Fourth of July, which is a shame, because they missed out on a massive party at Yucca Tap Room. BroLoaf returned for its 5th annual Fourth of July Party ... More >>

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    June 30, 2014

    EMA, Mas Ysa, YUS - Crescent Ballroom - 6/28/14

    I'm not sure what went wrong with this show. All the bands were talented, smart individuals, yet it seemed like no one could be bothered to even pretend to be interested. First, this gig started off with tickets around $7, but Crescent Ballroom made the event free, presumably because they couldn't s ... More >>

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    June 24, 2014

    I Called in Sick to Follow Menzingers on Tour

    Against all odds, Pennsylvania punk outfit the Menzingers gets better with every tour. The band gained quite the following with its fantastic 2012 album, On the Impossible Past. If Past serves as an introduction to the Menzingers, the band's most recent record, Rented World, will make lifelong fans. ... More >>

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    May 15, 2014

    The Eels - Crescent Ballroom - 5/14/2014

    Once upon a time it was a mother fucker. The crowd sat in utter silence, except when prompted to clap or laugh, depending on what the magic man did. And, for all intents and purposes, he was magical. E., the man, the myth, the legend. Mark Oliver Everett ("E" to his friends and fans), son of a fam ... More >>

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    May 9, 2014

    Chuck Ragan and the Camaraderie - Crescent Ballroom - 5/9/14

    Chuck Ragan and the Camaraderie Crescent Ballroom Thursday, May 8, 2014 Chuck Ragan's reputation precedes him. The Hot Water Music singer has now released four albums rooted in acoustic folk, and he's one of the manliest guys in music (just take a look at his Instagram page). Chuck is also one of ... More >>

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    April 23, 2014

    Off! - Crescent Ballroom - 4/22/2014

    Holy punk rock, Batman! So, like many of you, some who have earned it, some who have not, I am not easily impressed these days. Whether you call it "jaded" or "been there, done that," it really doesn't matter, as long as you call it like you see it, with honesty and conviction. If I can do those th ... More >>

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    January 14, 2014

    The Best Concerts I Saw in Arizona in 2013

    I'm sure you're burnt out on reading best of 2013 lists by now, but taking an extra two weeks to wrap up the best shows of the year list was productive. For one, it's tough to compare a small, intimate show like Jimmy Eat World's mini-Arizona tour against massive productions employed by the likes of ... More >>

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    October 24, 2013

    Phantogram - Crescent Ballroom - 10/23/13 (Photos and Video)

    Phantogram Crescent Ballroom Wednesday, October 23, 2013 New York trip hop group Phantogram played its third show in Phoenix last night. The band put on a fantastic show almost two full years ago at Crescent Ballroom, leaving us to wonder if lightning could strike twice, but the band's popularity h ... More >>

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    September 28, 2013

    Vampire Weekend at Comerica Theatre, 9/27/13

    Vampire Weekend Comerica Theatre Friday, September 27, 2013 Last night's show was just about everything a Friday night show should be: Vampire Weekend was on point and performed a great selection of songs that didn't neglect its debut album. The crowd was into it--if the majority of the seated are ... More >>

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    September 17, 2013

    Chicago Riot Fest Day 3: Replacements, Pixies, Brand New

    Chicago Riot Fest, Day Three Humboldt Park Sunday, September 15, 2013 (View the full slideshow.) The third and final day of Riot Fest was all about The Replacements, rain, and reunions. The 'Mats performed their second show after a 22-year break up Sunday, and it was everything a fan could have hop ... More >>

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    September 14, 2013

    Riot Fest Chicago: Fall Out Boy, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Screeching Weasel

    Chicago Riot Fest Day One Humboldt Park Friday, September 13, 2013 This year's Riot Fest features a great mix of reunions and some of Chicago's finest punk bands. Heck, The Replacements and Broadways reunions were enough to get me on a plane from Phoenix. Whether the trip was worth it remains to be ... More >>

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    August 21, 2013

    Five Great Places to See an All-Ages Show around Phoenix

    Yes, we know. Your fake ID is spectacular. Nobody cards you because your mustache is simultaneously full and rich and completely earnest-looking. Your friends buy cases of Natty Light from extremely vigilant chain stores for sport. But if you're just getting back in town for the fall semester, and ... More >>

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    August 13, 2013

    Masked Intruder - Yucca Tap Room, Tempe - 8/12/13

    Like most superheroes and supervillians, it's hard not to take a guess at the true identities of Wisconsin's pop punk gem, Masked Intruder. After getting a close look at all four members, I can confirm that none of them are Mikey Erg. The verdict's still out on whether or not they're real life Ninja ... More >>

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    July 25, 2013

    Rancid - Marquee Theatre, Tempe - 7/24/13

    Rancid Marquee Theatre Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Seeing a 21-year-old punk band is always kind of a crapshoot. Bands like Social Distortion continue to sell out shows year after year, while groups like The Misfits, Dead Kennedys, and certain iterations of Black Flag would be better off hanging it up ... More >>

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    July 24, 2013

    Glassjaw - Rocky Point Cantina - 7/23/13 (VIDEO)

    Glassjaw Rocky Point Cantina, Tempe Tuesday, July 23, 2013 Before Glassjaw took the stage the atmosphere at Rocky Point Cantina was tense, punctuated by fans shouting things like "where the fuck have you been?" as they stared anxiously at the green room door. Watching them perform an hour-and-a-hal ... More >>

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    July 12, 2013

    Black Flag - Club Red, Tempe - 7/11/13

    Black Flag Club Red Thursday, July 11, 2013 The idea of Black Flag coming to town works in principle. Seeing the remnants of an iconic punk band that hasn't performed in Phoenix in decades sounds good in theory, but the reality of it is that Black Flag has gone through so many line up changes that ... More >>

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    June 13, 2013

    The Thermals - Crescent Ballroom - 6/12/13

    The Thermals Crescent Ballroom Wednesday, June 12, 2013 If you like The Ramones, you probably would have loved last night's show. I know that's a lofty comparison, but Portland DIY pop punk trio The Thermals performed relatively simple but uber-catchy songs that kept the crowd moving throughout it ... More >>

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    June 6, 2013

    Mumford and Sons - Desert Sky Pavilion - 6/5/2013

    Mumford and Sons (See the complete slideshow here)Desert Sky PavilionJune 5, 2013 Love 'em or hate 'em, Mumford and Sons' popularity continues to grow. Last night's sold-out show at Desert Sky Pavilion puts the band in a league with some of the Valley's other huge indie shows from previous years--b ... More >>

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    May 30, 2013

    Punk Rock Bowling's 20 Most Memorable Looks

    While piecing together this list of photos from last week's Punk Rock Bowling festival in Las Vegas, I tried to figure out how to approach it. "The hottest girls of Punk Rock Bowling" would be too easy. "The weirdos of Punk Rock Bowling" requires a bit more work, but the excess of Devo hats would st ... More >>

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    May 25, 2013

    The Lawrence Arms - Las Vegas Country Saloon - 5/24/13

    The Lawrence Arms Las Vegas Country Saloon Friday, May 24 While I'm thrilled at the opportunity to see Devo and FLAG live (at Punk Rock Bowling), The Lawrence Arms are the main reason I'm in Las Vegas right now. The gritty Chicago punk band hasn't performed in Phoenix since a Chaser's show in 2009, ... More >>

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    April 27, 2013

    Nerf Herder - Pub Rock, Scottsdale - 4/26/2013

    Nerf HerderPub Rock, ScottsdaleApril 26, 2013 What the heck have geek rockers Nerf Herder been up to since their last trip to Phoenix in 2002? It's been a full 11 years since the band co-headlined a show with Guttermouth at Club Rio. At the time, the band's third full-length album, American Cheese, ... More >>

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    April 2, 2013

    10 Best Punk Bars in Phoenix

    Phoenix has a long tradition of punk bars that serve up cheap beer and fast, aggressive (sometimes sloppy) punk rock. Some great venues have closed over the last few years, and while we dearly miss Jugheads and Rogue West, punk bars continue to thrive in the Valley of the Sun. Most are situated in u ... More >>

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    March 6, 2013

    Club Candids: Arizona Roller Derby's Fundraising Party at Vintage Lounge

    Mill Avenue is always busy on the weekends. Just try to find a parking spot among the partying coeds and crazy cab drivers and you'll know what we mean. Luckily, the ladies of Arizona's Roller Derby know how to push through a crowd, like they did when they hosted a fundraiser at Vintage Lounge.

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    January 16, 2013

    Club Candids: School Girl Party at Calico Jack's Cantina

    West Phoenix gets too much flack. Really, it's not so bad: housing is cheap, movie theaters are everywhere, and sporting events are actually well planned and executed. Case in point-- think about how much easier it is to leave a Coyotes game than a Suns game. See also: Club Candids: School Gi ... More >>

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    January 7, 2013

    Who Is Really Playing Coachella This Year?

    Historically, the Coachella line up has always been announced in January. That means the official line up should be announced any day now, along with some artists that will hopefully make their way to Phoenix between dates. There have been a number of fake posters circling the net-- some credible a ... More >>

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    December 29, 2012

    FMLY Fest at Fifth Street

    PHX FMLY Fest @ Fifth Street|12/28/12Perhaps it was a few too many Santa Clauses wandering around, but FMLY Fest felt a lot like spending the holiday season with the extended family. The massive festival -- featuring 60 bands taking dozens of stages on Fifth Street, drew all sorts of interesting p ... More >>

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    December 14, 2012

    Top 20 Phoenix Concerts of 2012

    2012 isn't even over yet, and we're already feeling sort of nostalgic for it. We saw a lot of great shows this year, so narrowing it down to the most mind-blowing 20 wasn't easy, but it was a lot of fun. Enjoy, our Top 20 Phoenix Concerts of 2012. See also: Top Five 2012 Heavy Releases In Pho ... More >>

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    December 10, 2012

    Five Favorite Phoenix Karaoke Bars

    When it comes to bar traditions, karaoke is on par with happy hour specials, bar nuts, and forgetting to close out your tab after a long night of partying. Whether you have the talent to audition for American Idol or The Voice, or you just think you're the best singer in the world after a few drin ... More >>

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    December 5, 2012

    Club Candids: Original Latin Ladies Night at Sky Lounge

    Anything with "ladies night" in the title is generally bound to be a good time. Us gals appreciate being able to get in for free (or at least for cheap), and most guys are stoked that a club is full with more ladies than usual, so it's a win-win situation.

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    November 14, 2012

    Club Candids: Obscura's 3rd Annual Twilight Party

    Last weekend's cold spell made finding an appropriate outfit for Saturday night shenanigans a bit of a challenge. It was way too cold to rely on go to cute dresses or button down tops, so it was time to dig cozy hoodies and sweaters out of storage. In spite of the last minute scrambling for snazzy ... More >>

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    November 12, 2012

    Rusko, Marquee Theatre, 11/11/12

    Rusko @ Marquee Theatre| 11/11/12Last night marked the highly anticipated rescheduled date for English producer/dubstep DJ Christopher Mercer, who performs under the moniker of Rusko. Mercer was unable to perform in May due to illness, according to Steve Levine Entertainment's Facebook event. The he ... More >>

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    November 10, 2012

    The Misfits, Guttermouth, Strung Out, The Vandals, Celebrity Theatre, 11/9/12

    6 Rounds of Punk with The Misfits, The Vandals, Strung Out, and Guttermouth @ Celebrity Theatre| 11/9/126 Rounds of Punk is a dream come true for fans of good ol' punk rock. Okay, so maybe not in 2012, but it would have been a dream lineup a decade or two ago. When tours like this happen, it's often ... More >>

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    October 31, 2012

    Club Candids: Monster Masquerade on Mill

    Happy Halloween, everyone! On behalf of everyone at Up on the Sun, I hope you find a cool concert or party to go to tonight, and thoroughly encourage you to party a little too hard. Halloween is a blast--as a kid, neighbors handed out free candy because you dressed up like your favorite superhero. ... More >>

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    October 11, 2012

    Metric, Marquee Theatre, 10/10/12

    Metric @ Marquee Theatre| 10/10/12The moment the word "escape" crossed Emily Haines' lips, it's hard to go back. In concert Wednesday, as it is on the band's latest release Synthetica, "escape" comes in the first verse of the first song. If there's a time to think about what that means, it comes l ... More >>

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    October 10, 2012

    The Black Keys, US Airways Center, 10/9/12

    The Black Keys @ US Airways|10/9/12The Black Keys have come a long way since their last performance in Phoenix a year and a half ago. They released a new album, El Camino, played prime time slots at Coachella two years in a row, and performed at a much larger venue last night. The decision for both ... More >>

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    October 10, 2012

    Club Candids: Opening Night at Gypsy Bar

    In the past, most of downtown Phoenix's opportunities for fun were limited to concert venues or clubs on Washington. Cityscape changed all of that by adding an array of restaurant and shopping options, and plenty of features that make it a stand out location. Nestled in the same complex as Copper Bl ... More >>

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    September 28, 2012

    Justin Bieber: In His Own Words

    Cue the tweenage screaming: Justin Bieber is coming to town, and the prepubescent estrogen is going to be out of control. In anticipation of his groundbreaking tour that's set to hit Arena this Saturday, September 29, here are some of his most meaningful lyrics off his current album, Beli ... More >>

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    September 22, 2012

    Within These Walls at Nile Theater, 9/21/12

    H2O, Youth of Today, and Run With The Hunted Within These Walls @ Nile Theater| 9/21/12Last night marked the second year of local hardcore festival, Within These Walls. Last year was a success, with a full day of music on both stages. Most Precious Blood and H2O were the headliners, and this year, H ... More >>

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    September 12, 2012

    Club Candids: Sun Devils and Bachelorettes at Pattie's First Avenue Lounge

    Maybe I watch too much It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but when I heard that there's a bar in Scottsdale called Pattie's First Avenue Lounge, I assumed it would be just like Paddy's Pub. To my disappointment, Danny DeVito wasn't scheming, but there were still plenty of shenanigans to be had.

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    August 29, 2012

    Club Candids: Lingerieve 6 at Baseline Sports Bar

    See also: Club Candids: Lingerieve 2012 See also: Club Candids: Doom Disco at Sanctum See also: Club Candids: Chandler SandbarLingerieve 6, the lingerie-themed rave, went on without a hitch, unless you include the issues with the ever-changing venue: It started at Madison Events Center, then moved ... More >>

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    July 11, 2012

    Club Candids: GI Joes & Army Hoes at Spanish Fly in Scottsdale

    Scottsdale is a weird place during the day. Dance music blasts from the bars that are open early, and the daylight reveals salons and small shops that could easily be overlooked at night. Walking down 75th street, it almost resembles some hip borough in a beach town, with the lack of a cool ocean br ... More >>

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    June 29, 2012

    Warped Tour 2012, Camelback Ranch Baseball Stadium, 6/28/12

    Vans Warped Tour Camelback Ranch Baseball Stadium Thursday, June 28 Despite my trepidation about being able to handle the heat and a slew of young bands that had little to do with the Warped lineups of my youth, I survived. Another Vans Warped Tour is in the bag. This was the first year it was he ... More >>

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    June 8, 2012

    One Direction: Beautiful Lyrics Meet Breathtaking Photos

    See also: Can You Explain One Direction? No, Seriously A quick word from the editor: Last week, New Times writer Christina Caldwell pondered One Direction's appeal to both teens and more mature modern pop fans, asking a politely (but firmly) WTF? Of course OD fans got defensive, attacking with comm ... More >>

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    May 28, 2012

    Club Candids: You Write the Caption

    It's that time of the month: the time when we sift through all the party photos we've taken in the past few weeks to create our favorite party photos of the month slideshow. To change it up we thought we'd give you, our loyal readers, a chance to put on your creativity hats and come up with your own ... More >>

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    May 26, 2012

    Ladylike, Crescent Ballroom, 5/25/12 (Video)

    Ladylike, Factories, Gospel Claws, Steff Koeppen and The Articles Crescent Ballroom Friday, May 25, 2012 See also: Ladylike Approaches '70s Pop With Sharp Tools In this week's music feature the men of Ladylike, the Tempe-based pop combo that packed Crescent Ballroom last night, discussed the diffe ... More >>

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    April 29, 2012

    Ross Rocks Benefit at Hollywood Alley, 4/28/12

    Ross Rocks Hollywood Alley Saturday, April 28 Ross Wincek, the co-owner of Hollywood Alley is responsible for bringing countless great bands to Phoenix over the past 25 years, as well as giving local bands a place to grow. Wincek had a stroke in March, so local bands and fans of the Alley are doing ... More >>

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    December 7, 2011

    Tennis and Miniature Tigers at Crescent Ballroom, 12/6/11

    Melissa Fossum​Let's just put it out there: The first time I heard indie boy-girl buzz band Tennis, I absolutely hated them. For starters, I generally hate chick singers who don't have anything spectacular to offer (though a few of my all-time faves are Victoria Legrand of Beach House and Nek ... More >>

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    October 24, 2011

    Last Night: Boobapalooza at Rhythm Room

    Melissa FossumThe Love Me Nots​As much as my inner-feminist resents a show called "Boobapalooza," last night's Rhythm Room breast cancer benefit was rather respectful. Uh, in its own way. I guess if you consider vintage footage of pinups dancing with bouncing, healthy breasts on white sand be ... More >>

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    August 3, 2011

    Club Candids: Solstice Saturdays at Bar Smith

    Melissa Fossum​ Bar Smith is always popping on the weekend, and Solstice Saturdays are no exception, as DJs play house on the rooftop and hip-hop downstairs. Saturday, July 30 was a bigger party than usual-- it was DJ Senbad's birthday. Check out the excitement in this week's Club Candids slides ... More >>

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