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    May 16, 2013

    The Departed's Cody Canada: Cross Canadian Ragweed "Is Over"

    By Caleb Haley For nearly two decades, Cody Canada has been a driving force in the musical sound blowing out of Oklahoma, like the dust bowls before it, known as Red Dirt music -- a raw combination of southern jazzy blues, folk, country, and rock 'n' roll. For the first 16 years of his career, Can ... More >>

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    September 4, 2008

    Love Thy Conference Neighbor

    Two words for the Big 12 and SEC: weak sauce

  • Music

    January 2, 2003

    Critics VS 2002: Rebuilding From Ash

    2002 spent the year in a 9/11 hangover. Through the confusion, notable and amazing works still arose

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    November 22, 2001

    World Atlas

    Driven, ambitious Valley MC takes feelers from two labels, and prepares for global domination

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    April 9, 1998

    Rockin' Bones

    Rockabilly hero Ronnie Dawson is still crazy after all these years

  • Film

    February 5, 1998

    Savior Breath

    Despite a rafter-raising lead performance, Robert Duvall's The Apostle hasn't a prayer