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    September 8, 2014

    10 Imaginary Things Arizonans Believe in

    Arizona is a hotbed for urban legends. From the state's own Bigfoot, to blood-sucking monsters, to a lady who snatches up kids, and more, we bring you 10 imaginary things that Arizonans believe in:

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    November 15, 2012

    Why Is There So Much Indie Rock on Television?

    By Dave Good It's hard not to notice: Indie bands seemingly soundtrack just about every sitcom, film and television commercial today. But why? Influential music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas swears it's not just about cheap labor. "It's far more of a creative decision than a monetary one," she say ... More >>

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    August 14, 2012

    Our 10 Favorite Martian Songs in Honor of Curiosity

    Ever since Curiosity survived the seven minutes of terror and landed on Mars last Sunday, we continue to be fascinated by the rover's pictures. Last week the device, which looks like it could be Wall-E's cousin, took a cool black and white panoramic shot of the red planet. The environment kind of lo ... More >>

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    October 3, 2011

    Mrs. White of Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe

    ​For many in Phoenix, "soul food" is synonymous with Mrs. White's Golden Rule Café. Since 1964, the landmark has been serving southern classics like catfish, smothered chicken, and a mean peach cobber. At the heart of it all is one woman: Mrs. Elizabeth White. This week we sat down with Mr ... More >>

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    February 28, 2011

    UFO Convention Brings Skeptics, Scientists (and a Few Loonies) to Arizona

    Glass cases full of "alleged UFO evidence" were on display at the 2011 International UFO Congress​Joe Arpaio may be notorious for pursuing illegal aliens, but Arizona played home to those hunting a different type of alien -- or at least their spaceships -- this past weekend. The Radisson Fort McD ... More >>

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    September 19, 2009

    Most Serene Republic and The Grates Win Hearts, Don't Break Teeth at Modified

    ​ At first glance, The Most Serene Repulic and The Grates touring together seems unlikely -- even odd. The former is a Toronto-based snapshot of what Arts & Crafts does best: Broken Social Scene's intricate textures and soundscapes with the personality dynamic of Stars. The latter is a pop-inf ... More >>

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    October 19, 2006

    Goldwater Uncut

    You've seen the G-rated HBO documentary on the Arizona legend, but there was so much more to Goldy than that

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    February 10, 2005


    Letters from the week of February 10, 2005

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    January 13, 2005

    Space Crash Course

    Beam me up, Becky

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    March 27, 2003

    World Harmony

    Glendale goes global

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    November 7, 2002

    X Marks Its Territory

    Legendary L.A. punks are still shoving it in your face, but gracefully so

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    November 16, 2000

    Dwight Yoakam

    Tomorrow's Sounds Today (Reprise)

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    July 30, 1998

    Love Story

    Well-researched book fans the flames of the "Kurt Cobain was murdered" theory

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    November 27, 1997

    Trial and Heir

    In the trial of the decade, Butch Harrod is found guilty of the 1988 murder of wealthy Phoenix widow Jeanne Tovrea

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    August 21, 1997

    Bug Tussle

    Flyweight Mimic offers an embarrassment of roaches

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    July 31, 1997

    House of Skate Punks

    Beer, buzz cuts and bonhomie in Tempe's raddest skate estate

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    July 10, 1997
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    October 24, 1996
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    May 30, 1996
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    January 11, 1996

    Young Fife: The Lost First Decade

    He may have gone to Harvard and been elected governor. But did J. Fife Symington III spend his early years on the poor side of Phoenix?

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    December 28, 1995

    Survey Says...

    New Times critics look back on the "oohs" and the "ughs" of pop music '95 (results tabulated from individual critics' lists and comments)