Scott Rosenberg

  • Film

    January 16, 2003

    Toss It Outback

    Kangaroo Jack is a real punch in the pouch

  • Film

    June 8, 2000

    Good Riddance

    Someone take the wheel because Gone in 60 Seconds is lost in boring wreckage

  • Film

    July 30, 1998

    Children of the Darned

    Zombie teens' Disturbing Behavior could stand improvement

  • Film

    July 2, 1998


    All climax, no plot Armageddon deserves to be sent back to the meteor showers

  • Film

    June 5, 1997

    Come Fry With Me

    Crash 'n' burn Con Air never gets off the ground

  • Film

    February 15, 1996