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    August 21, 2014
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    August 7, 2014

    25 Best Concerts to See in Phoenix in August

    We're officially hip deep into the time of year that's officially know as the dog days of summer, which -- if you're not familiar with the term -- refers to the most sweltering period of the season. But while the weather might be keeping your ass glued to the couch, it's not stopping chart-topping ... More >>

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    June 19, 2014
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    May 29, 2014

    5 Things an Aspiring Sommelier Needs to Know

    During the past few years, we've witnessed the rise of the "celebrity chef," with myriad television shows glorifying a once-humble profession to the point of rock-stardom. With that glorification come the countless folks who dream of dropping out of the corporate rat race, going to culinary school a ... More >>

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    July 18, 2013

    Cibo's Gluten-Free Pizza Is a Life Saver

    Gluten avoiders looking for pizza are like the undead, staggering around moaning, drooling, eyes darting from venue to venue, minds foggy with memories of pizzas past and just enough brain matter left to keep hope alive. After all, we've eaten pizza in Chicago, New York, and Italy, and we know the d ... More >>

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    June 25, 2013

    7 Things to Eat and Drink in Flagstaff

    This time of year, conversations at Chow Bella staff meetings tend to turn to who's eaten what and where. With the summer travel season in full swing, we bring you Food Tours, our writers' suggestions of what to eat and drink out of town. Raise your hand if you've already been to Flagstaff at leas ... More >>

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    June 17, 2013

    Gio Osso of Virtù on His Favorite Local Restaurants and What Kind of Chef He Might Be

    Gio Osso Virtù Honest Craft 3701 North Marshall Way, Scottsdale 480-946-3447 See also: -- Gio Osso Will Open Virtù Honest Craft in Scottsdale June 7, With Grand Opening June 13 This is part one of my interview with Gio Osso, chef-owner of the brand new Virtù Honest Craf ... More >>

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    May 17, 2013

    Scottsdale's Pomo Pizzeria Moving to Downtown Phoenix

    Pizzeria Bianco and Cibo may be downtown's mainstays for top-notch pies, but on Tuesday, May 28, another pizza powerhouse will enter the ring: Pomo Pizzeria. See also: - Sam Fox's New Seafood Spot, Little Cleo's, Opens at The Yard in North Central Phoenix - Jobot Owner John Sagasta Opening Ice Crea ... More >>

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    March 4, 2013

    11 Best Pizza Spots in Metro Phoenix

    As a restaurant town, Phoenix still gets a bum rap: too many chains, too few ethnic, no restaurant-rich urban core, and no famous equivalent to Philly's cheesesteak or Chicago's hot dog to call our own. But there's one thing we do have in abundance, and it's great pizza. Seriously, we are a first-ra ... More >>

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    February 25, 2013

    8 Favorite Fresh-Baked Bread Experiences at Metro Phoenix Restaurants

    Bread is such an important part of a restaurant meal. It's the first solid thing to hit the table, the first impression made, the first clue as to what we might expect about all that's to follow. If it's stale or cold or dry or just plain lousy, we're not only disappointed but worried. Bad bread nev ... More >>

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    December 7, 2012

    Join the Slow Food Movement and Celebrate Terra Madre Day on Dec. 10

    If you haven't made it to the Biltmore Fashion Park's latest addition UNION -- a mix of 18 small, distinctive boutiques run by local vendors -- mark your calendars to visit on Monday, December 10, from 6 to 8 p.m. for Terra Madre Day. This international event is a celebration of slow food and eating ... More >>

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    November 8, 2012
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    October 31, 2012

    Biltmore's Central Bistro Announces Grand Opening Date (We've Got the Happy Hour Menu)

    The construction is finally finished in the former home of Zen32, at 32nd Street and Camelback Road, in the Biltmore Neighborhood. And at 5 p.m., Sunday, November 4, Central Bistro, the modern restaurant featuring flavors from Italy, France, and Spain, opens its doors after nearly nine months of rem ... More >>

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    July 11, 2012

    56: Alberto Della Casa and Letizia de Lucia

    From now 'til we publish the 2012 edition of Best of Phoenix, New Times and Chow Bella present 100 Tastemakers -- Valley residents who make the cut in our culinary scene. Some you'll know; for others, it'll be a first introduction (but likely not the last). While you're here, check out our 100 Creat ... More >>

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    June 27, 2012

    What's On Your Cooking/Baking Bucket List?

    Welcome to Chow Bella's Bites & Dishes, where Valley chefs and restaurateurs respond to a question New Times food critic Laura Hahnefeld has on her mind. Have a question you'd like to ask? E-mail Miss a question? Go here.Go shark-cage diving, get on a JumboTron, sleep w ... More >>

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    June 21, 2012
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    June 15, 2012

    Paula Deen to Import Italian Cooking Show, Renamed Food Chain

    Variety reports that Paula Deen, the Queen of Cream, is shopping around a U.S. version of a popular Italian competitive-cooking show. Judging from the available clips, it looks like Chopped but with amateur cooks and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? lifelines. Deen's show will be called Food Chain, bu ... More >>

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    March 29, 2012

    What's the Most Expensive Ingredient You've Used?

    Welcome to Chow Bella's Bites & Dishes, where Valley chefs and restaurateurs respond to a question New Times food critic Laura Hahnefeld has on her mind. Have a question you'd like to ask? E-mail Miss a question? Go here.It's no secret that top-notch chefs and restauran ... More >>

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    February 29, 2012

    Drew Barrymore Jumps on Celebrity Alcohol Bandwagon -- Shocking.

    ​Not really. Drew kinda seems like the white wine swilling type. Actress, producer, director, Covergirl, Playboy model, Drew Barrymore, known for her role in movie classics such as E.T., Firestarter, Boys on the Side,  50 First Dates, and as Brian the Dog's girlfriend on the animated tel ... More >>

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    February 27, 2012

    Ten Favorite Gourmet Pizza Shops in the Valley

    Since pizza -- a basic dish associated with Naples but not exclusively so -- was taken to America by Italian emigrants, shops selling the flat disks topped with goodness have popped up on nearly every street corner. And since most folks have a cherished neighborhood hangout that offers up simple a ... More >>

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    February 10, 2012

    Eleven Favorite Ice Cream Shops in Greater Phoenix

    Ever since Italy and France began making iced and flavored confections made from milk or cream in the 17th century, ice cream has become one of the most successfully cool, dairy-based treats on the planet. Not sorbet, ices, or gelato (we promise those lists will come later), here are 11 of our favor ... More >>

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    January 20, 2012

    Burlesque at FilmBar, Vernacular Typography, and Christopher Walken Reads Where the Wild Things Are

    Welcome to the Morning Buzz, a catch-up on interesting happenings around the city and country and a quick guide to what (and who) to keep your eyes on. We'll be here, first thing every weekday, to get you going. Here's what's buzzing this morning:​1. Scandalesque Presents: FilmBar Vignet ... More >>

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    September 19, 2011

    Cave & Ives Wine Dinner and Pumpkin Spice Churros in Today's Eater's Digest

    Bakergirl​ Hungry for your early morning serving of food news, with no preservatives or additives? Vino & Cucina Join Cave & Ives tomorrow night for an evening of wine and food Portico-style. Hosted by Italian wine expert Aldo Zaninotto from the Vietti and Alois Lageder wineries in ... More >>

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    September 14, 2011

    Christopher Gross' Perfect Food Day

    Christopher Gross​ We've known and loved Chef Christopher Gross' French-inspired cuisine for so many years -- we guess you could say we have a "crush" on him - sorry, couldn't resist. For a little fun, Chef Gross likes to fly across the pond and jump on his bike to give it a spin. This is him at ... More >>

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    September 7, 2011

    Incoming: Alien Ant Farm, Old School Jam, Stephen Stills, Sublime With Rome, Wale

    ​There are only two kinds of people in the world: those who think Sublime will always be great and those who believe Sublime could only be great as long as Bradley Nowell was around (I guess there is a third kind, too -- people who hate Sublime, but forget about those folks).Either way, it's time ... More >>

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    August 2, 2011

    Tempe Bistro's Brett Vibber, Part Two

    Maya Dukmasova Brett Vibber in the kitchen at Center Bistro​Ysterday, Chef Brett Vibber of Center Bistro shared his stories of travel in Italy. Today he dishes more about his childhood in Tempe as the son of two local teachers and working his way up from pizza to fine dining. When did you ... More >>

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    August 1, 2011

    Brett Vibber of Tempe's Center Bistro

    Maya Dukmasova Executive Chef Brett Vibber at Center Bisto ​This week we talk with Executive Chef Brett Vibber at the recently re-opened and renovated Center Bistro in Tempe. Born and raised in Tempe, Chef Vibber has traveled far and wide, learning recipes and techniques and approaching pro ... More >>

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    May 27, 2011

    Crudo Announces Summer Wine Dinner Series Exploring the Regions of Italy

    Crudo​Crudo, the quirky Old Town eatery of inventive raw seafood dishes and handmade pastas, has announced a summer series of wine dinners that will explore the regions of Italy -- a country where seemingly everyone cooks with confidence. Dinners will feature three wines and three courses and ... More >>

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    May 20, 2011

    What's Selling? Top Ten Lists from Valley Record Stores

    Fleet Foxes, Helplessness Blues ​Want to know what new release discs and platters are moving across the Valley at local record stores? We've got you covered with another installment of What's Selling. Looks like Fleet Foxes are doing pretty well this week, with their heady folk album Helples ... More >>

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    April 1, 2011

    April 1 In Blogs: Space 55, Pitchfork, Natalie Morris, and Jan Brewer

    ​​​In the 24-hour news cycle, it can be difficult to keep up. We have the solution. Check back on Valley Fever every evening for highlights from each of New Times' blogs. Today's entries:

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    February 24, 2011

    Big Brain Awards 2011: Cash for Culinary Creatives

    Are you on the cutting edge of the local culinary scene? Running a  food truck? Making a culinary documentary?​ Working on a fledgling urban farm? Come out to play, brainiacs.If you're a Valley resident with talent in the culinary arts, New Times wants you. We're seeking nominees for our ... More >>

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    January 24, 2011

    Food and Fun at the 2011 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco

    Carol Blonder artful display​ Twice a year, the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT), a not-for-profit trade association, sponsors the Fancy Food Show, open only to the specialty food trade. This year's winter show, held January16-18, at The Mascone Center in San Franc ... More >>

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    January 20, 2011

    Bead All About It

    Those who adore beads on strings will rejoice

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    January 20, 2011
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    December 22, 2010

    Andrea Volpi of Local Bistro, Part Two

      Chef Volpi is a big fan of salads.​Yesterday, we spoke with Chef Andrea Volpi of Local Bistro about his gypsy ways and his life growing up in Italy. Today, the conversation continues... First cooking job: I was a manager at a 14-top place in Chicago in '87. My job was to make ... More >>

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    October 6, 2010

    Marcellino's Now Serves Lunch and Pizza

    ​It sounds like things are going really well for Sima and Marcellino Verzino at their stylish new SouthBridge location of Marcellino Ristorante Italiano. The couple recently returned from a trip to Italy and are "thriving" after five months in business, they tell me. This week, they're ampi ... More >>

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    September 19, 2010

    Weezer at Fall Frenzy Last Night

    Luke HolwerdaWeezer on stage at Arizona Fall Frenzy.​New York magazine put it best: "There are few things more terrifying to longtime Weezer fans these days than the prospect of a new Weezer album."That review of the band's latest album -- sarcastically headlined, "Is Hurley Weezer's Best Album Si ... More >>

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    May 27, 2010
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    May 7, 2010

    Pomo Pizzeria Receives Official Italian VPN Designation

    There's good pizza, and then there's officially good pizza. From its excellent wines to its classic cheeses and beyond, Italy's regional food products are all about strict standards of quality. Pizza is no exception. In fact, there's a trade organization devoted exclusively to promoti ... More >>

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    May 3, 2010

    Arizona Fall Frenzy 2010 Announced: Weezer, Devo, The Cult, STP, Primus

    The scene at Fall Frenzy 2009.​The lineup for Arizona Fall Frenzy 2010 has been announced and it's a huge step-forward for the festival, in its second year at Tempe Beach Park.Stone Tempe Pilots and The Cult top the bill on Friday, September 17. Tickets are $75 or $80 at the door. Weezer, "Sublime ... More >>

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    April 29, 2010

    Fry Girl Finds Romance, Italian-Style, at Pino's Pizza Al Centro

    ​An Italian farm boy leaves his home and family behind for the hot sun and his heart's true love in Phoenix, Arizona, where he opens a prosperous pizza joint and lives the American dream. A Lifetime original movie? Hardly, but a delicious story like this one needs to be told.

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    June 18, 2009
  • Dining

    June 19, 2008
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    September 27, 2007
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    September 13, 2007

    Ciao Fun

    Terrence McNally takes us on a Florentine joy ride

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    August 9, 2007

    Italian inspiration at Quiessence

    Jackie Mercandetti Chef Greg LaPrad and sous chef Anthony Andiario ride their vacation high with a culinary take on Tuscany. Fresh off the plane from a trip to Italy, the kings of the Quiessence kitchen have cooked up a tasty looking menu for next week's special dinner (6:30 p.m., Aug. 16, $75 pe ... More >>

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    June 28, 2007
  • Dining

    March 1, 2007

    Family Style

    Escargot there

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    December 15, 1994
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