Sydney Pollack

  • Film

    November 8, 2007

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    Robert Redford and the American façade

  • Film

    October 11, 2007

    The Fix Is In

    Watch your back, Grisham

  • Film

    March 29, 2007

    Fluff Done Right

    Life and art meet sweet in breezy French comedy

  • Home Entertainment

    October 6, 2005
  • Film

    April 21, 2005

    Lost in Translation

    All talk, little action, no sense

  • Film

    May 15, 2003

    Think Different

    Could it be that this year's crop of summer movies actually requires a brain cell or two?

  • Film

    October 7, 1999

    Estranged Bedfellows

    Straying mates are divorced from reality in numbing Random Hearts

  • Film

    July 22, 1999

    The Opposite of Sexy

    All fizzle, no sizzle, Kubrick's much-touted Eyes Wide Shut is a total turn-off

  • Film

    January 7, 1999

    Objection Overruled

    Travolta, Duvall and filmmaker Steven Zaillian make a case for A Civil Action

  • News

    September 17, 1998


    Hollywood's legendary script doctor Robert Towne won an Oscar for writing Chinatown and polished films from The Godfather to Armageddon; now he helms Without Limits, a film bio of an Olympic runner

  • Film

    December 14, 1995