Tom Augherton

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    February 15, 2001

    Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Man?

    Cave Creek rabble-rouser-cum-newspaper-publisher Don Sorchych has the town running scared

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    March 14, 1996

    End of a Smear

    County Attorney Richard Romley thought he had parlayed a trivial investigation into the resignation of one of his chief political rivals. But Attorney General Grant Woods decided that his top assistant would not be sacrificed to prosecutorial overreaching

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    March 7, 1996

    Trial By Media (Part I)

    For month after month, Phoenix news reporters repeated a disgruntled secretary's half-baked charges, helping County Attorney Richard Romley discredit a rival in the Attorney General's Office. The same media horde made scarcely a whimper when Romley cover

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    February 29, 1996

    A Secretary's Revenge

    Deborah Vasquez, a secretary in the Attorney General's Office, overstepped her authority to help a kidnaped child. After being upbraided, she spread fantasy and half-truth that have been used to discredit the attorney general's top assistant, Rob Carey.