Wolfgang Petersen

  • Film

    November 9, 2006

    Tone Deaf

    Ed Harris cuts loose in Copying Beethoven, but a poorly composed script lets him down

  • Film

    May 11, 2006

    That Stinking Feeling

    A brand-new disaster

  • Film

    January 5, 2006

    Little Misses

    Introducing the best movies of 2005 you probably didn't see

  • Culture

    June 3, 2004

    Old Faithful

    For the 2004 summer season, Hollywood sticks with what it knows

  • Film

    May 13, 2004

    Pitt and the Pabulum

    Troy gives Homer the heel and opts for big-budget grandiosity

  • Film

    August 8, 2002

    Heart to Heart

    Eastwood plays a detective with a bad ticker looking for the man who murdered his donor

  • Film

    June 29, 2000

    Squall Waiting

    A complete washout, The Perfect Storm drowns before it ever leaves shore

  • Film

    April 27, 2000


    U-571 brings back the submarine movie with a vengeance

  • Film

    July 24, 1997

    Aloft Cause

    Overblown Air Force One never gets off the ground

  • Film

    April 17, 1997

    Three and a Half Hours Under the Sea

    Das Boot guarantees to put you in a tight spot