10 Beer Labels You Won't Want to Peel Off

We know the saying, "don't judge a book by its cover", but what about beer? What if you had to choose 10 beers based solely on the artwork that covered the glass bottle each came in? The ten beers below would be on the top of our list if we to cast aside silly things like beer style or alcohol content.

10 Beer Labels You Won't Want to Peel Off


10. Pass Time Pale Ale, Boulder Beer, Boulder Co. - Nothing makes us want to enjoy a cool one quite like the image portrayed on Pass Time Pale Ale. Sitting in an Andorak chair next to stream with a cooler of beer and a drinking buddy is our kind of afternoon
10 Beer Labels You Won't Want to Peel Off

9. Rhinoceros, Telegraph Brewing Company, Santa Barbara, CA. - We love this label for its use of the rhinoceros. You don't see too many people using the image of these amazing animals on anything. The thought of a rhinoceros pulling a wagon of beer kegs through the streets in the 1920's instantly puts a smile on our face.

10 Beer Labels You Won't Want to Peel Off

8. Dirty Guera Blonde Ale, Nimbus Brewery, Tucson, AZ - Hot chicks, monkey face, and a little cactus. All of the Nimbus labels are little works of art but the Dirty Guera gets us every time.

7. Delirium Nocturnum, Brouwerij Huyghe, Belgium - White bottle, shiny blue foil, and a pink elephant. A PINK ELEPHANT. Of course we are going to try this one, pink elephants are the best.

10 Beer Labels You Won't Want to Peel Off

6. Mortality Stout, Reaper Ale, Lake Elsinore, Ca - Just like the name suggests, Reaper Ale definitely crosses over to the dark side with the artwork on their bottles. We like the use of the clock and crow to represent your impending doom after drinking this stout. It's only 7.75% but it might do you in.

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