10 Best French Toasts in Metro Phoenix

Bananas foster French toast at Orange Table
Bananas foster French toast at Orange Table
Katie Johnson

It must be hard for toast. Always being passed up for his more decadent French counterpart. While toast must settle for being someone's à la carte, French toast enjoys the full satisfaction of taking centerstage at the most important meal of the day.

And though no two French toasts are the same -- what with the many fruit, syrup, and bread accompaniments -- one thing is certain when it comes to this egg battered beauty: in the battle of the breakfast dishes, all other competition is, well, toast.

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Orange Table

Getting up before noon on a weekend is a nuance many of us have never experienced. And because being a breakfast person doesn't necessarily mean being a morning one, we late-comers can thank our luck star-shaped fruits there are places like Orange Table serving up the sweet and savory staples of the a.m. further into the p.m., including the bananas fosters French toast. Take you basic egg battered toast and then top it with with thick cut bananas, pecans, and rich Spicebox whiskey sauce. Whiskey and sugar for breakfast? You bet your sweet tooth.

Banana nut French toast at Pomegranate Café
Banana nut French toast at Pomegranate Café
Katie Johnson

Pomegranate Café

Hard to believe that one of the heartiest French toasts on this list is also the healthiest. Pomegranate Café is vegan/vegetarian mecca tucked away in an unsuspecting Ahwatukee strip mall. While the organic veggie-based lunches are a safe bet for herbivores and carnivores alike, it's their brunch menu French toast that gets us out of bed (and out of downtown Phoenix) in the morning. Using banana nut bread as the foundation and topping it with candied walnuts, whipped cream, pure maple, and even more bananas, Pomegranate Café delivers a fresh take on French toast, literally.

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