10 Best Places for Sangria in Metro Phoenix

Gallo Blanco
Gallo Blanco
Katie Johnson

Considering the sweet taste, fruit chunks, and social acceptance to drink wine through a straw, Sangria is essentially alcohol for our inner child.

With so many ways for bartenders to make this sugary beverage their own -- with selections of wine, fruit, sweeteners, liquor, and more -- we hardly could be pressed to pick just one favorite in metro Phoenix.

So we're naming 10.

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Gallo Blanco

There are a lot of reasons to stop by Gallo Blanco in the afternoon: happy hour tacos, all-day breakfast, and a lesser-known favorite, Gallo's La Sangria. With white wine, peach liqueur, and fruits including oranges, pears, and grapes, the sangria at Gallo Blanco is the ideal patio drink for a hot day (or any day).

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