10 Best Restaurants Near ASU Downtown Phoenix: Chow Bella's Back to School Guide

A typical breakfast at Matt's in downtown Phoenix
A typical breakfast at Matt's in downtown Phoenix
Phoenix New Times

Whether you're ready or not, school's about to be back in session, kids. Sure, it seems like just a few weeks ago you were wrapping up finals and cracking a beer (or, like, 50) in celebration. And now it's time to start over again. If you're new to Arizona State University's downtown Phoenix campus or just new to the whole college thing, you'll soon find out that this urban playground is neither a food desert nor an easily navigable campus of Subways and Papa John's.

Luckily, you have us to help light the way. Here's a guide to some of the best student-friendly spots around ASU's downtown Phoenix campus.

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Short Leash hot dog
Short Leash hot dog
Lauren Saria

Sit . . . Stay 110 E. Roosevelt St. $10 to $15

This summer, the popular food truck Short Leash Hot Dogs made the leap from mobile to mortar, and lucky for downtown-ers, they chose to set up shop in the heart of Roosevelt Row. This gourmet hot dog spot is walking distance from campus (provided, of course, that it's not too hot) and serves locally sourced sausages on its signature naan "buns." Inside you'll also find pies from Mamma Toledo, as well as beer, wine, and a selection of other hot dog-centric entrees.

The Maple Bacon doughnut
The Maple Bacon doughnut
Katie Johnson

Rainbow Donuts 1347 E. McDowell Road 602-256-7404 $5 and under

First, downtown Phoenix campus pro tip: Have a car or make friends with someone who has a car. Because as much as they're going to tell you the light rail will solve all your problems, it just isn't true. Without wheels, you'll miss out on lots of awesome local offerings, including Rainbow Donuts, which is about a five-minute drive away from campus. If you make it over here before class you might be able to pick up one of their Maple Bacon doughnuts that we promise is just about the best way to start a long day of school.

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