10 Best Restaurants Near ASU Tempe: Chow Bella's Back to School Guide

El Pollo Supremo
El Pollo Supremo
JK Grence

In the next few days, Tempe will welcome literally thousands of college students back into the fold. And though we're sure the studious lot will be spending the majority of their time hitting the books at Hayden Library, it's inevitable that they'll also need to eat. The Memorial Union and that slop line they call a dining hall are perfectly viable options, but we just want to make sure Arizona State University's students know that their neighborhood has lots of other dining options to offer. Here are some of our favorites.

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El Pollo Supremo 221 W. University Drive 480-966-3713 $5 and under

When it comes to bargain pricing and good eats, El Pollo Supremo, located just west of Mill Avenue, definitely delivers. There are only two options at this neighborhood staple: chicken or beef, and if you're asking our advice, we'll point you toward the chicken. You can pick up a quarter chicken, tortillas, beans and salsa for under $5, which is quite a deal for struggling students.

Healthy eats from D'lish
Healthy eats from D'lish
Heather Hoch

D'Lish 1135 E. Apache Blvd. www.dlishdrivethru.com $10 and under

For years, hungover students looking for a healthy drive-thru breakfast had to head all the way up Scottsdale Road to get to D'Lish, but the popular eatery opened a second location last year just off the southeast corner of campus. The health-focused spot serves breakfast and lunch sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, and burgers as well as coffee, iced teas and smoothies. In short, everything you need but probably don't want to have to get out of your car to get.

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