10 Best Spots for Fries in Metro Phoenix

The only drive-thru fries that made the cut? Portillo's, of course.
The only drive-thru fries that made the cut? Portillo's, of course.
Heather Hoch

Anyone who thinks of French fries as just a side order clearly isn't going to the right places. But don't worry, our love of fries compelled us to put together a list of all the best places to have a gourmet fry experience. We went outside the box on this one -- meaning sauces and toppings are encouraged and the fries don't have to just be potatoes -- but we also included the best of the best of more standard fries in town, too.

Prepare your taste buds for the ultimate fry excursion.

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Cheese Fries from Portillo's We've already gushed about the newly opened Portillo's a lot, but what's a little more going to hurt? The Chicago-area staple is a master of hot dog arts, but what some people don't know is the glory of Portillo's cheese fries ($2.29 for a small and $2.59 for a large). Since the creamy, hot cheese sauce comes on the side of the crinkle-cut and crispy fries, you don't end up with a soggy mess a minute into eating them. Instead you get a perfect cheesy, potato-y bite every time.

Polenta can be fried too!
Polenta can be fried too!
Courtesy of the House at Secret Garden

Golden Polenta Fries from theHouse at Secret Garden There ain't a lot out in SoPho, but there is the House at Secret Garden, and that's enough for us. Its polenta fries ($5) are crispy and beautifully fried until golden brown on the outside. On the inside, your mouth is met with creamy, delicious polenta, which is absolutely addicting when dipped in its spicy aioli. Not your average potato fry, but so good that we had to add it to the list -- just trust us on this one.

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