10 Crazy Ice Creams Made by Small-Batch U.S. Artisans

We're pretty sure this isn't really how it's made . . .
We're pretty sure this isn't really how it's made . . .
Humphry Slocombe (Facebook)

Only five years ago, now-commonplace ice cream flavors like sweet corn or craft beer would have caught anyone off guard. But with the introduction of bacon to the dessert course a few years ago, the line separating sweet and savory was forever demolished. These 10 ice creameries craft artisanal versions of classics like chocolate and vanilla, but they also offer wacky one-of-a-kind flavors that will leave chefs and home cooks alike with a dose of inspiration.

Lucky for us, two of these 10 unusual ice creams were brainstormed right here in Arizona, specifically in Scottsdale and Gilbert. A Maine specialty is re-created locally in Phoenix, but only in July; the rest of the time, it has to be ordered straight from the source.

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Humphry Slocombe Prosciutto

Surely, you've heard of bacon ice cream by now. Bacon desserts make a weird amount of sense since most Americans grew up eating thick, greasy slabs of it alongside buttery pancakes smothered in maple syrup, but this drier cured pork product is another story. The meaty ice cream was invented when a bag of prosciutto bones was dropped off at this San Francisco scoop shop by Cris Cosentino of Boccalone, and the ensuing experiment was meant to be a singular batch. However, it was such a hit that the prosciutto creation -- made by steeping the roasted pig bones in milk then seasoning with fennel and black pepper -- has been kept in regular rotation for four years and counting.

Goat cheese ice cream - an acquired taste worth acquiring
Goat cheese ice cream - an acquired taste worth acquiring
The Ice Cream Informant

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Goat Cheese with Red Cherries

Goat cheese ice cream has been popping up in a few places lately, but the most no-holds-barred version comes from James Beard Award-winning cookbook author Jeni Britton. Others, like that of NYC's Luca & Bosco, pale in comparison. The ice cream by Jeni's is for serious fans of goat cheese only, as it's equally as rich as shoving a big ball of the strongest chevre in your mouth. The incredible flavor of the über-creamy base pairs well with the tart, whole red cherries. It's not too sweet, either, instead pushing the palate toward the savory end. But maybe the best part is not having to go to Columbus, Ohio, to get a taste; Jeni's Splendid is stocked by specialty stores nationwide.

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