10 Favorite Bakeries In Metro Phoenix

A pretty pastry case at Essence Bakery
A pretty pastry case at Essence Bakery
Courtesy of Essence Bakery

If you're one of those people who bakes a pie to cheer up a friend, makes your specialty carrot/red velvet/whatever cake for everyone's birthday, and routinely pulls together all manner of adorable goodies for your children's school programs and bake sales . . . well, bully for you (and the rest of us hate admire you no end). You obviously like living in the kitchen and don't need the services of the shops provided here.

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But for the rest of us poor slobs who can't or won't make the time to DIY the snickerdoodles and would never dream of attempting Danish or anything that actually requires an understanding of dough, here are 10 bakeries that keep our collective sweet tooth satisfied. You won't see every popular or mainstream bakery here, however. This is a collection of slightly quirkier favorites -- many of them ethnic, a few of them hyper-focused or artisanal.

The new Tammie Coe and MJ shop on Central Avenue
The new Tammie Coe and MJ shop on Central Avenue

Tammie Coe Cakes on Central

Tammie Coe is justifiably famous for her whimsical, colorful, fondant-wrapped cakes and Ooey Gooey cupcakes, which stick to the roof of your mouth in a good way. But there's so much more this creative pastry chef and her bread-maestro husband MJ turn out that's equally worthy of attention. How about a variety of chewy cookies roughly the size of your face? Or a pretzel croissant that makes an excellent foundation for a great sandwich? Or a Righteous Brownie, flour-less and so delish? A selection of fantastic breads, including ciabatta, focaccia and fruit and nut, the latter changing daily? Or -- and this one may be the mind-blower -- a butterscotch crumb bun that's a crispy, chewy, gooey, sugary swirl of caloric trouble you'll be tempted to devour in one sitting. The cozy, living room-ish new location on Central stays open until 10 most nights. Keep that in mind when you need a sugary nightcap after the movies.

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