10 Favorite Places for Wings in Greater Phoenix

10 Favorite Places for Wings in Greater Phoenix
Teakwoods Tavern & Grill

No food scores with sports fans quite like wings. Whether hot, spicy, sweet, all wings, all drumsticks, or a little of each, we've listed ten of our favorite spots for wings in the Valley (plus a few honorable mentions) that are sure to leave you cheering.

Teakwoods Tavern & Grill At this casual bar and restaurant with locations in Gilbert and Chandler, big, juicy wings are golden-fried in varieties of traditional (our favorite, $9.99/dozen), "Boneless Buff Bites" ($8.99/pound), and all white-meat tenders ($8.99/pound). After you pick your type, pick your flavor from choices like suicide, honey BBQ, teriyaki, and specialty sauces like the mighty El Heffe, Teakwoods' mild wing sauce with garlic, cilantro, and a bit of suicide sauce for a kick.

Zipp's With several locations Valleywide, this locally owned and operated sports bar chain may have its flaws, but it gets its grilled Golden Wings ($7.95) right every time. Served up as mild, medium, hot, or extra hot (listen to your server: don't do the last two), go with the golden sweet mediums -- they feature a satisfying, crispy finish and are hot enough to warrant a swig or two of cold beer between bites.

Uncle Sam's It ain't just the cheesesteak that makes this family restaurant of East Coast-style eats so good -- its fried wings are consistently tasty, too. With locations in Phoenix and Peoria, Uncle Sam's serves up styles like original Buffalo, BBQ (which they call "wussy"), suicide, and honey hot. And at their wallet-friendly prices of six for $4.25, a baker's dozen for $7.95, and a "small" (25) for $14.50, you can afford an extra ice-cold beer to wash 'em down with.

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