10 Favorite Places to Get Your Holiday Tamales in Metro Phoenix

Get ready for some hot tamales.
Get ready for some hot tamales.
Tim Sackton via Flickr

If the holidays are about bringing people together, then it makes perfect sense that tamales have become a staple of many people's holiday celebrations. They bring us together to make and then enjoy them because it's impossible not to smile while unwrapping delicious packages of moist masa surrounding all manner of tasting fillings.

But you don't have to be a kitchen whiz to enjoy tamale time. Leave the hard work to any of these Valley favorites and you're in good hands. Just be sure to order ahead since they tend to fly off the shelves during this season.

El Bravo

When it comes to tamales, Sunnyslope's El Bravo does some of the city's best. For more than three decades the family-owned restaurant has been serving affordable Mexican classics and exceptionally good tamales. You can have your choice of green corn (with or without chicken), shredded beef and spinach for $32 a dozen. Can't decide on one filling? Go for the dozen mixed: four beef, four green chile and four chicken for $36.

The Tamale Store

Though the Tamale Store has a brick and mortar location in north Phoenix, they also bring their creations directly to you - or rather to more than a dozen farmers markets and events around the Valley. Their meat tamale options include beef red chile, chicken green chile, pork red chile, pork green chile, chicken chipotle and chicken mole. Vegetarian, vegan and dessert tamales are also available. A two-pack will set you back $5.50, a half dozen $16 and one dozen $28. Special order pricing varies. Call or place your order online.

Molly's Tamales

If you're looking for something more than just the classic tamales, this small Glendale spot is the place to be. Specializing in healthy and non-traditional varieties, Molly's Tamales sells everything from Southwest Vegan tamales with black beans, corn, and chile in chipotle sauce to zuchinni with mushrooms and cheese tamales. And don't forget about their Roxy Road variety with marshmallow and chocolate chips. Place your order by phone, email or in person. Pricing is available on the Molly's Tamale website.

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