10 Favorite Soup & Sandwich Shops in Greater Phoenix

10 Favorite Soup & Sandwich Shops in Greater Phoenix
Essence Bakery Cafe

Folks here in the Valley might not experience a true winter chill, but that doesn't mean we don't like to snuggle up with a hearty sandwich and a comforting bowl of soup when we need that extra bit of warmth in our souls.

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Here are 10 of our favorites places to get both. Stop by one and curl up with some satisfying eats.

Essence Bakery Cafe This low-key Tempe eatery may be best known for Eugenia Theodosopoulos' luscious French macaróns, but its chef/owner boasts a top-notch sandwich and soup menu as well. Don't miss daily combo specials like a chicken, cornichons, and grain mustard sandwich with smokey ham and split pea soup or a tuna melt with cheddar cheese and cucumber served with a cup of organic yam with a touch of cream.

Postino Winecafe Sure, the casual-cool Postino's (with three Valley locations) is good to go for vino and bruschetta, but it does a fine job with sandwiches and soup-of-the-moment offerings, too. Don't miss the Select Two special ($9.75), in which half a panini sandwich (think a veggie with white bean hummus or The Nine Iron with bacon and grilled chicken) can be had with a fresh-made soup like cheddar potato, tomato, and roasted pepper and Gorgonzola.

DeFalco's At this first-rate Italian deli and grocery in Scottsdale, you're not just eating the ingredients; chances are you're sitting right next to them. Choose from about 40 kinds of monstrous hot or cold sandwiches made with top-notch ingredients. A soup of the day ($4.25/bowl) comes with hot focaccia bread and might be anything from minestrone to Italian wedding soup.

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