10 Favorite Tacos Right Now in Greater Phoenix

10 Favorite Tacos Right Now in Greater Phoenix
Joseph Maddon

Tacos, like sandwiches and burgers, come in so many delectable variations that it's hard to commit to just one. Especially when these traditional, wallet-friendly Mexican snacks can be found in a multitude of restaurants and stands throughout the Valley.

Here, for now, are 10 of our favorites. If yours isn't listed, give it some time. Chances are we'll have 10 more before you finish sprinkling on the cilantro and onions.

See the slideshow of our favorite tacos (of the moment) in all their glory.

Fish Taco from Tacos Atoyac

When it comes to tacos de pescado, purists who may lament their lack of flavor or abundance of breading will not be referring to Dan Maldonado's creation at his popular taqueria of street-style Oaxacan eats in North Phoenix. Eight years in the making, his may be the best in town, with lightly battered fish, a tangy guacamole salsa, and crispy lettuce atop a flour tortilla. And at $1.50 apiece, it's easy to double or triple the order.

Campechano Taco from Asadero Toro

It takes two first-rate homemade flour or corn tortillas to hold the fillings for the street-size campechano taco ($2.20) at this no-frills neighborhood spot in Central Phoenix. Piled high with pieces of seasoned steak and crispy tripe on a layer of refried beans makes for a hearty mix of flavors and textures. And a trip to the salsa bar ups the flavor ante as you see fit.

Longaniza con Nopales Taco from El Tlacoyo

Fans of Mexican chorizo will want to try longaniza,its spicier cousin, especially when this pork sausage with a kick is piled into a tortilla and mixed with bits of nopales (prickly pear cactus), which taste a bit like green beans with the texture of okra. Served up at this hidden gem in Tempe specializing in the cuisine of the state of Hidalgo in eastern Mexico, this tough-to-find taco, at just $1.75, is tasty enough to order up seconds.

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