10 Metro Phoenix Chefs We Want to Date

10 Metro Phoenix Chefs We Want to Date
Chris McKinley, Facebook / Atlas Bistro

When it comes to finding love, we at Chow Bella aren't asking for much. All we need is someone to make us sweet pastries in the morning, a three-course candlelit dinner in the evening, and the occasional brunch on Sundays.

Basically, we want to date a chef. Someone who can melt the butter as well as our hearts. Which is why our staff got together to compile a list of the top 10 kitchen catches in Phoenix this Valentine's Day.

We know most of them aren't available. But, hey, we can dream, right?

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Chris McKinley

We like a man with a hand for holding and an eye for business. Which is why former Atlas Bistro Chef Chris McKinley has just become downtown's newest catch thanks to his business partnership with Adam Hargett and their upcoming restaurant The Local on Roosevelt Row. Fine art, fine food, and now a fine man? Looks like First Fridays just got even more enticing.

10 Metro Phoenix Chefs We Want to Date
Heather Hoch

LaDawn Driscoll

We'll admit, we've had a crush on Liberty Market's LaDawn Driscoll since her sweet days at The Herb Box. The pastry chef, who rocks colorful hair and tats, is equal parts sugar and spice, plus she admits to being an avid beer drinker and home brewer. Cookies and craft beer? Consider it a date. (No, seriously, LaDawn. Call us.)

10 Metro Phoenix Chefs We Want to Date
Lauren Saria

Nick LaRosa

Roses are red, Chef Nick's eyes are blue . . . Nick LaRosa of the recently opened Nook in Arcadia is the Connecticut-born, Sicilian-bred boy that would make any Italian mother proud. However, seeing as the man is busy managing a kitchen and a pair of newborn twins, we have a feeling LaRosa has little time for a date night, let alone with the entire staff of Chow Bella. Sigh.

10 Metro Phoenix Chefs We Want to Date
Lauren Saria

Aurore Beauduy

We have a thing for female trailblazers, the type of women who aren't afraid to step out of their comfort zone and refuse to take no for an answer. Which is why we're fascinated with Vogue Bistro's Aurore Beauduy. The globetrotting chef, who credits her cooking origins to Paris, successfully set out to make more from her culinary education than just pastry. By dating Beauduy, we just know we could learn a thing two about cooking, travel, and how to rock a killer braid.

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