10 Metro Phoenix Restaurants for a First Date

The outdoor seating area of Fuego Bistro could set a superb tone on a first date.
The outdoor seating area of Fuego Bistro could set a superb tone on a first date.
Natalie Miranda

Going on a first date can be stressful. You want everything to be perfect, but what is? There's a whole list of things you'll have to worry about and prepare, so we figured we'd help you out with finding a spot to eat. Last month we named House Brasserie the Best Place to Take a First Date in our 2014 Best of Phoenix. Here are 10 more romantic spots you'll want to hit.

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Fuego Bistro The only potentially bad thing about Fuego Bistro for a first date is that they give you a lot of food. We think that's also one of the best things about it, but some people aren't looking to chow down on a plate full of amazing Mexican food the first time they're dining with a new partner. Other than that, Fuego Bistro provides a small romantic atmosphere (indoor and outdoor) and a wide variety of luxurious Mexican food for you and your date. For those looking to date on a budget, you can generally find Groupons for the various Fuego restaurants around town.

Beckett's Table There are two reasons we think Beckett's Table makes a good first date spot. For one thing, it's a relatively nice modern American spot that tends to fly under the radar, so you might be taking your date somewhere they've never heard of before (which gets you some bonus points). The other reason is that they have bacon cheddar biscuits that are probably even better than your favorite guilty pleasure from Red Lobster. The only downside is that the crowd tends to be middle-aged and older (in our experiences), so if you're young and looking for love, you may be the only ones. While you're there, try the bacon S'mores dessert. It's not what we expected, but it's still bacon and S'mores.

Petite Maison We can pretty much sum up why Petite Maison is such a good date spot in two words: French food. Is there a more romantic type of food than French food? For some reason, we've been trained to believe that foie gras and frog legs are the types of food that lead to a successful relationship. We think it might be because the French know their way around awesome desserts, and this Scottsdale location is no exception.

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