10 Metro Phoenix Restaurants We Miss

These goat cheese medallions make us miss Lola Tapas.
These goat cheese medallions make us miss Lola Tapas.
Heather Hoch

Some restaurants in Phoenix seemed to be ahead of their time. Others were good in theory but just didn't pan out to be regular stomping grounds for local diners. Still more restaurants just simply couldn't stay open just because we wanted them to, no matter how many times we ate there. Come take a trip with us down culinary memory lane and check out these 10 defunct metro Phoenix restaurants that we wish we could have just one more meal at, but be warned that after reading this you might get a craving for an old favorite that you won't be able to satisfy. Trust us, we know your pain.

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Lola Tapas Chef Felicia Ruiz's legit Spanish tapas joint in Phoenix near Seventh Street and Camelback Road closed for good over four years ago, but we can't help remembering her legendary small plates. Although Eric Gitenstein ran the kitchen when the place finally shuttered, Ruiz's passion and tradition is what we remember most about this hip little restaurant. Dishes like garbanzos con espinacas a la Andaluza, tortilla de patatas, and creamy, tangy goat cheese medallions just aren't available in town since Lola Tapas closed, and it's a bummer. We can't even drown our sorrows in the house sangria, and though a Lola Tapas and Wine Bar opened at the Yard, it really isn't even remotely the same without Ruiz.

Brookshire's On one hand, it was just another chain of local breakfast houses. But in a sea of Hobo Joe's, Humpty Dumpty's, and Coco's, Brookshire's was, well, a little different. Its bottomless cup of coffee was French-roasted long before anyone cared about such things, and its all-night menu included entrées like deep-fried burritos and all-you-can-eat biscuits and gravy. Three locations, most of them launched in the early 1970s, served uptown, downtown, and midtown neighborhoods looking for a little burger or pancake action at 2 in the morning or afternoon.

Treulich's Steak and Seafood It was like Durant's, only grungy. This dark, banquette-busy, old-time supper club of the 1950s lasted well into the middle '90s, serving strong martinis to vaguely sinister-looking dudes and their pretty young "nieces." Steaks and spaghetti and loads of atmosphere were the order of the day or night at this once-swanky, now-long-gone page out of time.

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