10 Pumpkin Spice Items: Real or Fake?

With the popularity of Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte, companies in every field are trying to cash in on the seasonal flavor. Of course, not every pumpkin spice product you see on the internet is actually being produced, some are just photoshop hoaxes.

See if you can guess which are actual products and which are just hoaxes among our top 10 favorite products. There's a key at the end to check your guesses against.

Four Loko

As if the preferred controversial alcoholic beverage of underage blackouts everywhere needed to get any grosser, just the thought of this new flavor has our stomachs turning. Although the recipe has allegedly been changed several times in recent years, just the name is enough to make us shudder. Real or not, this seems like it would be the perfect solution for college freshmen who want to celebrate fall without remembering any of the celebration.


Let's be honest, you either love Doritos or you hate Doritos, there's very little room in between for most people. Maybe you have one flavor you prefer over the others (hopefully "Cool Ranch"), but if you're a Doritos fan, you'll probably try any flavor of Doritos, including the new pumpkin spice ones, if they're being sold. However real or fake these may be, one group of people will be super upset while the other will be ecstatic.


Once you pop, the fun tastes like pumpkin spice. Much like Doritos, Pringles tend to have some diehard followers and some serious haters. Pringles tend to have a different texture than most other chips, so there's probably room for pumpkin spice variations of both in the market. We're not sold on pumpkin spice chips in general, but it'd be interesting to see how they stack up against each other, if they both exist.

M&Ms/Gum/Candy Corn

We could see pumpkin spice M&Ms being not so terrible, but who would really buy into pumpkin spice gum or candy corn? Candy corn is seasonal enough as it is (you'd look ridiculous eating it in July), so why even bother making it into a pumpkin spice flavor? We won't tell you if they're real or not just yet, but we can tell you that we won't be trying these either way.


"Guys, you know what would make Chipotle even better? Pumpkin spice!" is pretty much how we imagine this marketing meeting must've gone. We don't dare doubt Chipotle's ability to make anything delicious, but somehow a pumpkin spice burrito (bowl) just doesn't seem tempting. Maybe as a little dessert or something after some good ol' carne asada, but it's not something we're looking to eat for a meal. Is it real? We guess you'll have to read on to find out.


Another combination of things that young white females love, pumpkin spice hummus seems like a match made in heaven. What goes better with your pumpkin spice latte than some pumpkin spice hummus eaten on some pumpkin spice pita chips (those aren't included in this list, but for all we know, they probably exist too)? People seem to really like flavored hummus, and people seem to really like pumpkin spice, so why not combine the two?


If there was ever a product that needed to be pumpkin spice-flavored, it's vodka. Not because we would drink it, but because you know what all the 20-something white girls who load up on Pumpkin Spice Lattes drink other than coffee? Vodka. If you think this is real, then you probably realize it would be the liquor for sorority houses and rich college dorm parties everywhere this fall.

Toothpaste Who needs minty fresh breath when you could have pumpkin spicy breath? As if pumpkin spice gum wasn't enough, there's pumpkin spice toothpaste to make sure your mouth always has that hint of fall vegetables. Well, maybe that's not exactly what we're looking for, but we're sure someone would go for it. We can't tell you just yet whether this is a real product out there or not, but we can tell you that we're hoping not to have close face-to-face interaction with too many people who use it if it is.

Pet Treats In case you couldn't get enough pumpkin spice so you decided to torture your dogs and cats with it too, these festive animal snacks could be just what you need to show people how obsessed you are with the dumbest fall trend even when you're not hungry. To be fair, our pets would probably just rather eat pumpkin spice-flavored people food anyway, but you could always invest in these on principle if they're real.

Condoms/Tampons With so many products to make your mouth smell like fall, why leave your "area down south" out? Maybe they'd be something you use just for you, or maybe it's for the benefit of your partner, but either way, there's no reason not to try them asa long as their safe. If they actually exist, they'll make the party in your pants way more festive and seasonal.


Four Loko - Fake
Doritos - Fake
Pringles - Real
M&Ms/Gum/Candy Corn - Real, but Skittles and Gushers are Fake
Chipotle - Fake
Hummus - Real
Vodka - Real
Toothpaste - (Mercifully) Fake
Pet Treats - (Alarmingly) Real
Condoms/Tampons - Fake

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