10 Signs You're a Phoenix Foodie

You'd recognize this pizza anywhere.
You'd recognize this pizza anywhere.
Nikki Buchanan

Don't worry, you don't have to be a Valley native to be considered a true Phoenix foodie. It's not how long you've lived here that gives you real culinary cred, but things like knowing where to find edible seafood and when it's peach picking season. Or knowing that a restaurant with Schreiner's sausages on the menu is probably legit.

Do you wake up early on Saturday mornings to get produce at Singh Farms?

Do you plan your weekend nights around the Late Night Love menu at FnB?

Do you think hot dogs should come off a truck, be bacon-wrapped and topped with beans, mayo, onions, and tomatoes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you might be a Phoenix foodie. Here are some other important criteria.

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Arizona Kumquat Cake
Arizona Kumquat Cake

10. You identify the four seasons thusly: Pumpkin Porter, Citrus, Patio, and "When all the restaurants close."

We love our city for the near constant sunshine, but that doesn't mean we don't consider the seasons. During the fall, we know to rush to Four Peaks Brewery to get a pint or growler of Pumpkin Porter and while the rest of the country endures Arctic Freeze, we know winter means an abundance of locally grown citrus. Grapefruitcello and lemon bars, anyone? By springtime, we're already wearing shorts and enjoying brunch on our favorite restaurant patios -- trying to experience it all before summer hits and some of our favorite restaurants take their annual hiatus.

Street tacos are the best tacos and they should never cost more than $2.
Street tacos are the best tacos and they should never cost more than $2.
Lauren Saria

9. You know a taco should never cost more than $2.

Fancy tacos are nice and all, but you know that the best kind of tacos are the street variety, and they should never set you back more than a buck or two. You can find them at favorite spots like Asadero Norte de Sonora in Central Phoenix, Restaurant Atoyac in North Phoenix, and Taco Mich on 16 Street. Everyone has their own favorite spot, but if it isn't loaded with chopped onions and cilantro it doesn't count.

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