10 Thanksgiving Desserts to Pre-Order in Metro Phoenix

Fig pecan pie has become a Phoenix Thanksgiving favorite.
Fig pecan pie has become a Phoenix Thanksgiving favorite.
Beckett's Table

The classic way to end a Thanksgiving meal is with a slice of pie. Or, let's be honest, a slice of every single pie that was brought to the party. Make sure there's plenty to go around by pre-ordering one of these 10 delicious desserts for your holiday table. Of course there are quite a few pies, from the classic to the creative, but there are also cupcakes and cookies to ensure the spread is as varied as it is gluttonous.

Fig & Pecan Pie Beckett's Table

For an upscale ending to your Thanksgiving meal, serve this twist on classic pecan alongside an assortment of cheeses. This beauty took home the grand prize in the first annual Pie Social with its balanced fruit and nut filling. Fig and pecan pies can be pre-ordered by November 23 by calling 602-954-1700. The pies are $28, and you can add on a pint of citrus ice cream for $7. Orders can be picked up on Wednesday, November 27, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

10 Thanksgiving Desserts to Pre-Order in Metro Phoenix
The Herb Box (Facebook)

Doissants The Herb Box

Tired of tradition? Your Thanksgiving table will be trendy as can be with these Cronut-esque specialties. The Scottsdale restaurant made its own version of Dominique Ansel's hit pastry, which inspired New Yorkers to wait in line for several hours just to get a taste. Doissants are filled with flavored creams like vanilla orange, chocolate, and Boston pastry. Call DC Ranch at 480-289-6180 or Southbridge at 480-289-6160 to secure a box for your celebration.

10 Thanksgiving Desserts to Pre-Order in Metro Phoenix
Lauren Saria

Pink Diablo Pie Urban Beans

Thanksgiving might be all about the turkey, but at every table there's at least one person who is patiently waiting for the real star of the day: the pie. Mix things up this year with a Southwestern-style treat featuring prickly pear cheesecake filling and sweet habanero sauce. The flavors are balanced with crushed walnut crust, lime curd topping, meringue, fresh mint. It might sound like a crazy flavor combo, but this pie is so addictive it could become a new Thanksgiving tradition. Call 602-595-2244 for ordering information.

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