10 Unusual Ways to Eat Eggs

Baked eggs just got a whole lot better.
Baked eggs just got a whole lot better.
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Eggs have been a rising trend in restaurants for the last few years, and we can't expect them to be pulled off menus, well, ever. And for good reason! Not only are they incredibly versatile, but this essential ingredient is every bit as super as kale or salmon.

If you're still eating your eggs scrambled or hard-boiled, in omelets or frittatas, you're missing out on all the possibilities for a delicious meal. Just in time for your Easter table, here are 10 totally trendy -- yet kinda strange -- ways to prepare eggs.

Baked Eggs in Ham

Although the recipe first appeared in the February 2002 issue of Gourmet Magazine, the concept of lining a muffin pan with sliced ham still feels a bit bizarre. But there's nothing off-putting about the combo of soft baked eggs, crispy ham, and herb mushroom stuffing. It's easy to make, yet they'll look stunning served with brunch.

Mooncakes with a symbolic salted egg yolk in the center.
Mooncakes with a symbolic salted egg yolk in the center.
lilyng2000 (blogspot)

Egg Yolk Mooncake

Is the yolk your favorite part of a hard-boiled egg? Then you'll love these mooncakes, which are traditionally served during the Mid-Autumn Festival throughout China, a time devoted to lunar activities. The cakes often have an egg yolk baked in the middle to represent the moon in the sky. You'll need lotus seeds if you want to bake your own; look in Asian supermarkets, or order online.

Bacon optional.
Bacon optional.
Modern Paleo Warfare

Egg-Stuffed Meatloaf

This version of the classic home-cooked dinner is more popular throughout Europe than in America, particularly in Germany. It's an even more efficient use of simple ingredients. Plus, kids will love the surprise hidden inside what they might think of as a lackluster meal.

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