11 Metro Phoenix Couples We'd Rather Watch Run a Restaurant Than Amy and Samy

Chris and Paola back in the day
Chris and Paola back in the day
Courtesy of Chris Gross

The horror of -- and fascination with -- the Amy and Samy Show may have been seeing people's obvious dysfunction laid bare. That's why we love reality TV. It lets us feel superior. And boy did we ever, watching that train wreck. Here were two people who seemed to love each other but obviously had no business 1. operating a restaurant and 2. operating a restaurant together.

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So it got us thinking about the local couples who do a fabulous job of running a restaurant together. Here are eleven of of our favorites. Please, someone, give one of these couples their own reality show -- not Amy and Samy.

Matt and Ernie Pool
Matt and Ernie Pool

Matt and Erenia Pool of Matt's Big Breakfast and Giant Coffee When Matt and Ernie (Erenia) Pool opened Matt's Big Breakfast in 2004, they weren't entirely sure their idea would fly, so Ernie kept her day job with Marriott, coming into the restaurant on weekends to wait tables. A few years down the line, when they got crazy-busy with lines out the door, Ernie transitioned to full-time. These days, she's the GM, the one Matt says "runs the whole show" while he works behind the scenes on concepts, menus and relationships with vendors. "She opens the restaurant every day," he says. "Sometimes I have to reintroduce myself to customers, they're so accustomed to seeing Ernie."

Lo-Lo and Rasheedah White, Jr.
Lo-Lo and Rasheedah White, Jr.
Courtesy of Larry White, Jr.

Larry and Rasheedah White, Jr. of Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles

Larry White (aka Lo-Lo) is quick to say that his wife Rasheedah is "the brains of the outfit." She kept her own career for many years, but slowly became more and more involved as Lo-Lo's business grew. When they opened their fancy new downtown Phoenix location, right next to the tiny original, it was Rasheedah who handled the financials and made sure everything was in order. "My role," Lo-Lo says, "is to make sure the food tastes good. I get money in the door, and Rasheedah makes sure it stays in the door."

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