12 East Cafe for Under $10

It's no wonder greasy spoon diners are often packed--the fat-filled food's addicting, and the prices are often dirt cheap. 12 East Cafe in downtown Phoenix is no exception.

The small spot has a mom-and-pop feel, serving up breakfast goodies, sandwiches, salads and wings. The food comes in huge portions, and nothing costs more than $8.95. We ordered breakfast for lunch (such an indulgence!) with French toast and hash browns ($6.99). The plate was bigger than our head, and it definitely left us feeling stuffed.


12 East Cafe for Under $10

Our pals got Philly Cheesesteaks ($7.95 each), which they said are some of the best around. They come with sides (they got fries) and will really fill you up.


12 East Cafe for Under $10

The prices are cheap in general, but 12 East Cafe offers you another way to save green--for every five meals you buy, the sixth is free. Talk about a cheap way to score a whole lotta food.

12 East Cafe for Under $10

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