12 Favorite Spots to Score Tamales in Greater Phoenix

12 Favorite Spots to Score Tamales in Greater Phoenix

When it comes to the holiday season, living in the Southwest means enjoying the bonus of fresh tamales in addition to the rest of the country's more traditional fare. Whether they are green, red, vegetarian, or sweet, several places throughout the Valley are happy to serve up your favorites. Here are 12 spots we like the best. (Note: For the best results, make sure to call ahead for orders and pickup times.)

The Tamale Store If you're a farmers market groupie, chances are you're well-acquainted with this little shop in North Phoenix serving about 20 kinds of tasty creations. There are even two special December-only tamales: one made with ground beef, dried nuts and fruits, and Monterrey jack cheese; and another, a dessert tamale, simply called Holiday Fruit Cake. Grab two for $5, six for $15, or a dozen for $27. Call, e-mail, or stop by to place an order. Or, purchase what the store may have in stock that day by simply dropping by.

Tamales from Norman Fierros

Any Mexican food-lovin' gourmand who's lived in Phoenix for the past 10 or so years has probably heard of Norman Fierros, chef and owner of the defunct Fina Cocina in downtown Phoenix. Well, Fierros is back in the Valley -- but just for a while -- and he happens to be making his signature tamales for the holidays. Score some of his green corn or red chile varieties by calling 602-330-3033 to place an order. The price is $30 per dozen.

Molly's Tamales

Looking for tamales with a non-traditional edge? This little tamale shop in Glendale, courtesy of owners Estella (whose nickname is Molly) and Felipe Sedlmeier, offers the exotic as well as the classic. Choose from flavors such as wild sockeye salmon, cactus, and Roxy Road (made with chocolate and marshmallows). Plus, all of Molly's tamales are lard- and shortening-free. Call, e-mail, or stop by the store to place an order. For pricing, see Molly's website.

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