5 Best Restaurants in Chandler Right Now

Lobster baked chile relleno at Barrelhouse in Chandler.
Lobster baked chile relleno at Barrelhouse in Chandler.
Lauren Saria

Chandler is a sprawling suburb, so, based on square mileage alone, it makes sense that it would have a solid dining scene. Whether you realize it or not, this Southeast Valley city really has it all: a variety of awesome ethnic restaurants, a great local brewery, and an award-winning wine bar. It may be a trek if you're coming from Phoenix, but all five of the spots on our list -- and a few more that didn't make the cut -- are well worth the drive.

Here are the five best restaurants in Chandler right now.

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Barrelhouse's burger is just $6 during happy hour.
Barrelhouse's burger is just $6 during happy hour.
Heather Hoch

Barrelhouse American Kitchen & Cocktails

Since opening in early 2013, Chandler's Barrelhouse American Kitchen & Cocktails has become a true must-drink destination for the Valley's cocktail enthusiasts. The restaurant's list of signature drinks are arranged by flavor profile -- as opposed to type of base liquor -- making it easier to choose the perfect pairing for your meal. Wash down dishes such as sweet pasilla chile shrimp or the hearty Hunter's Burger with impressive cocktails such as the The Blue Dane with Danish Blue chees-infused London Dry Gin and Dolin Dry vermouth. And if you swing through during happy hour, offered Monday through Saturday from 4 to 6:30 p.m., it will only make your experience even more affordable.

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