5 Cleanses to Detox the Holidays Away

5 Cleanses to Detox the Holidays Away

With another holiday season full of gorging on rich, fatty food and binge drinking with friends and relatives, it might just be a good idea to consider washing away all that trouble we caused our bodies and start anew.

Cleanse diets are pretty hip for weight loss, but really they're beneficial, if at all, because they flush your system of various toxins. From colonics to skin brushing, there are lots of different ways to cleanse. We're not up for anything too adventurous, so we're going to stick to beverage cleanses. Although, after several daylong hangovers and plan-ruining food comas, we're pretty much willing to try anything-- even skipping meals-- to get back on the ball.

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Blue Print Cleanse Ranging from $75 to $225 depending on how many days you want to cleanse, this celebrity favorite is actually not that outrageously priced compared to some of its competition. More importantly, it is known as one of the tastiest cleanse options on the market. With cleanse level options from renovation to excavation (yikes), you can choose just how cleansed you become. Though it isn't currently available in any local stores, you can buy any of the juices online and have them delivered to your door.

Juice Core To avoid all of the hassle with shipping perishable and expensive juices, it's easiest to get your fresh juice locally. Luckily us Phoenicians can rely on micro juicery Juice Core for all of our cold-pressed, raw and organic juice needs. Cleansers can choose a Sampler, Strut or Hard Core cleanse. Pricing ranges from $78 to $84 per day for about eight juices per system and orders can be placed over the phone at (602-) 524-4030.

Ritual Cleanse With listed benefits of mental clarity, glowing skin, more restful sleep and even increased libido, it would seem silly to not go for a brief four day Ritual Cleanse. Despite the cultish sounding name, many users tout its positive effects, though the experts are apparently undecided. Whatever the case, $105 per day including shipping is a small price to pay for an "abundance of energy," which the website assures us will happen.

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