5 Favorite Bloody Marys in Metro Phoenix

Yes, Mom, we're eating our veggies. If you count the Bloody Mary, a classic drink any time of day but perfect for the morning after. Here are five of our favorite local concoctions — with sides of everything from beer to bacon, there's something for everyone, particularly with some of the bargains on this list. 

Dick’s Hideaway
The tomato-y vodka drink at Dick’s Hideaway will arrive with the standard celery stalk and the popular pickled asparagus jutting from the glass. But Dick’s Bloody Mary also comes with a shooter of beer. With this bonus brew, you have a few options: you could sip on the beer, helping to ease the burn from the spicy tomato juice base; you could take the beer like a shot; or you could drink your Bloody Mary halfway, and then pour in the beer for a take on a Bloody Michelada. For $5, there really is no wrong choice.

The Gladly
Sunday brunch at The Gladly features live music, sorbet-spiked mimosas, and this peppery version of a classic Bloody Mary. We love that it's made with locally-made Homeboy's Hot Sauce and Ballast Point Bloody Mary mix then boozed-up with Absolut Peppar. The combination of Homeboy's — known for its full flavor just as much as its heat — and Absolut — a vodka that's flavored with green bell, chili and jalapeño peppers — makes this a Bloody Mary that's flavorful without simply burning your tastebuds off. Plus, the garnish is classic and cute. 

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery
Looking for a classic Bloody Mary? Try Snooze's Straight Up Or Spicy made with Snooze House Bloody Mix and your choice of Mell Vodka or habanero and jalapeño-infused vodka to kick up the heat. But true Bloody Mary enthusiasts will probably skip this traditional option and opt for one of Snooze's four amped up Bloody Mary creations including our favorite, the Gazpacho made with cucumber, pepper, and garlic Infused Mell Vodka. With freshness and spice, this is exactly the cocktail you want to soothe your day-after-drinking woes. 

Café ZuZu
At Café ZuZu at Hotel Valley Ho, you can have it your way. At least with the $6 Bloody Mary bar, that is. After ordering, your waiter will bring a glass of ice with a generous helping of vodka within. Head over to the mirrored bar and start assembling your perfect Bloody. Choose from several tomato juice bases and a myriad of toppings and mix-ins, including stuffed olives, pearl onions, minced garlic, hot sauce, celery salt, Worcestershire sauce, or fully cooked strips of bacon. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it. 

In spite of the excessive evolution of Bloody Mary mixes, RnR has managed to find a solid balance between the traditional mixtures and an appropriate, unassuming amount of add-ins. The gastropub’s classic recipe includes a slightly spicy tomato base with hints of Worcestershire, and is complete with a crunchy stalk of celery. There’s enough alcohol to add some fun to your brunch, but not so much that you cringe with each sip. You’ll also get a thick-cut slice of bacon and wedges of lemon and lime that give the heavy drink a nice, fresher flavor than we’re accustomed to. Get to Old Town Scottsdale early to grab a table and start in on your bottomless — yes, bottomless — bloody mary-fueled brunch. The bottomless Bloody Mary deal is $15 with food, and $25 without.

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