5 Hangover Brunch Spots in Metro Phoenix

The outdoor seating area of Bottled Blonde is one of our favorite places to shake off a long night out.
The outdoor seating area of Bottled Blonde is one of our favorite places to shake off a long night out.
Courtesy of Craig Cummins

You've probably been there. It's Sunday morning and you're looking for sunglasses and Ibuprofen. Sometimes, the only cure for that dastardly morning-after headache/stomachache is a plate full of meat, eggs, potatoes, and other breakfast indulgences.

Here are five of our preferred hangover brunch spots in the Valley.

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Bottled Blonde You know those times when you're hungover and all you want to do is get some fresh air, eat some eggs Benedict, and recover around a bunch of people who understand how hard you went last night? Those are the times that Bottled Blonde is for. The outdoor (but covered and generally out of the sun) seating is perfect for getting some air without blinding yourself, the breakfast itself is good, and most of the other patrons and servers were probably there last night when you were dancing on the table, so they all generally understand what you're going through. The downside is that we're pretty sure they frown upon just waiting outside from when the bar closes at 2:00 a.m. until they open for breakfast, but at least it's within walking distance of hotels.

Snooze The bad thing about Snooze when you're hungover is that there's often a substantial wait for a table by the time you find your keys and get pants on after a long night out. The good news is that you can sip on their coffee while you're waiting, and once you get to a table, a lot of the breakfast items are actually quite tasty. Snooze does well by "sweet" breakfasts, regardless of if you go with the pineapple upside down, peanut butter cup, or blueberry Danish pancakes -- or something else altogether. In our experiences, the servers have been pretty cool about helping you add things to any dish so it hits all of your hungover cravings, no matter how weird they are. We also find it to be a little less snooty than some of the Valley's other trendy breakfast spots.

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