5 Unexpectedly Great Desserts in Metro Phoenix

There are a lot of chocolate lava cakes out there, but we think SOLO Trattoria's is one of the best.
There are a lot of chocolate lava cakes out there, but we think SOLO Trattoria's is one of the best.
Courtesy of Craig Cummins

With so many restaurants in the Valley boasting gourmet desserts, it's easy to lose track of which places carry the best ones. Not every restaurant with a great dessert brags about it though, as many amazing desserts are kept on the back page of the menu and show no sign of being something out of the ordinary until you order it.

Just because you have a good restaurant doesn't mean you make good dessert, so here's our list of five of our favorite desserts from places that you may already go to for dinner, but foolishly pass on the post-meal sweetness.

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Mastro's Steakhouse - Mastro's Signature Warm Butter Cake All right, we'll admit that this one isn't much of a secret anymore, but it's still one of the best desserts in the Valley at a restaurant where people rarely have any stomach space left over for post-meal treats. Much like everything else at Mastro's, the super creamy butter cake is huge, simple, and delicious. To compliment it, the cake is served with a scoop of ice cream, some fruit, and a couple drizzles of raspberry sauce. As tempting as it is to order the biggest slab of beef on the menu when choosing the entree, we recommend going with something smaller than you might normally eat. This way, you'll still have an appetite for the massive hot mountain of golden greatness that'll be sitting on the table for dessert.

SOLO Trattoria - Chocolate Lava Cake This lava cake is awfully good, considering it doesn't even get a description on the menu. Odds are, when you go to Phoenix's SOLO, you're too busy stuffing your face with melt-in-your-mouth meatballs, pasta and their scrumptious "Ham and Figs" pizza to save room for dessert, but that's where you're making a mistake. Italian restaurants aren't typically a place to go for lava cake, but SOLO isn't a typical Italian restaurant. The richness of the cake and gooiness of the center are balanced out by some vanilla cream, and it makes for one of our preferred desserts at one of our favorite little Italian spots. The affogato and tiramisu are also worth trying, in case you're not in the mood for so much chocolate.

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