6 Favorite Spots for Fry Bread Around Metro Phoenix

The state fair food fry might be over but hello people, we live in Arizona and that means you can eat fry bread all year long -- provided you know where to look. From authentic to highbrow, both on the reservation and off, we've got the hook up on where to get a plate of deep-fried goodness.

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Fry Bread House

As the name implies, you can certainly find fry bread at this central Phoenix restaurant. Since winning the America's Classic award from the James Beard Foundation last year, the Fry Bread House has become a draw for food nerds all over the Southwest. These folks have been in business for more than a decade, serving up fry bread, Indian tacos and other sorts of artery-clogging goodness. The added attention to quality can mean long lines for lunch so bring a friend to keep you company; you won't be able to finish the giant portions anyway.

The Stand

In this case, the name really does say it all. Located on the side of a two-lane dusty road on the southeast corner of Indian School and Alma School roads, The Stand offers authentic fry bread, tortillas and Indian tacos with green chile, red chile or beans and cheese -- all for $6 or less. You won't get much atmosphere as dining takes place al fresco and often in the company of lounging dogs. Nevertheless, a must-see for adventurous fry bread diners.

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