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6 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Scored a 'D' From the County Health Department in January

Metro Phoenix, we're not sure what to say. In January, just six spots scored a 'D' in Maricopa County health inspections — a number paling in comparison to the 16 in August 2015 or 15 last July. Unfortunately, it doesn't necessarily mean restaurants in the area made a New Year's resolution to follow the health code; it might just mean there were fewer inspections or that more restaurants have been opting out of the county's voluntary grading system. 

East Whitton Manor [classified as "Assisted Living"], Phoenix (1106 East Whitton Avenue) 

"Also, fruits, vegetables, and other dry product packages were observed with rodent chewing marks and as well rodent feces among the food. Person in charge (PIC) discarded all the damaged food. Please inspect fruits and vegetables on a regular basis to ensure proper condition is maintained. Also, Keep food always from rodents until such issue is resolved."

Carniceria Zamora, Glendale (6256 North 43rd Avenue)

"Observed employee to answer the telephone and have a conversation while cooking and preparing food. Employee did not change gloves and wash hands when finished talking on the phone and continued to prepare food. Discussed with manager about when to wash hands and change gloves, then manager had employee wash hands and put on new gloves."

Quick & Easy Foodmart, Mesa (1650 East Broadway Road)

"Employees cannot name the five most common foodborne illnesses or explain disease transmission or symptoms."

IHOP Restaurant, Surprise (13734 West Bell Road)

"Observed white gravy holding in hot holding well measuring at 98*F, mash potatoes in same hot holding well measuring at 145*F. Per manager hot holding should be 135*F and higher, manager stated gravy was just prepared and moved gravy to be reheated to 165*F and higher. Manager will talk with employees on ensuring hot holding temperatures of 135*F and higher at all times."

Eggs TC, Queen Creek (20852 East Ocotillo Road, Suite D105)

"Observed a jug of Clorox bleach being stored on the top of the chemical storage cabinet along with clear bags of granola spices and other food items. PIC placed bleach in storage cabinet and closed cabinet doors and removed all food items from top of chemical storage cabinet and placed on alternate food shelving."

Burkeshire Assisted Living, Phoenix (1310 East McDowell Road)

"The facility did not have pasteurized egg products in the establishment. The weekly food menu states today's breakfast was fried eggs and tomorrow scrambled eggs. Per person in charge (PIC), the fried eggs served in the morning were made to order and some not fully cooked, as guest preferred. If eggs are made to order, please ensure they are fully cooked."

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Lily Altavena