8 Mexican Restaurants in Metro Phoenix You've Probably Never Tried -- But Should

The pollo, fish and gobernador tacos from Gorda's Baja Taco.
The pollo, fish and gobernador tacos from Gorda's Baja Taco.
Natalie Miranda

If "try something new" is on your To Do list, you're in luck. We know you have your favorite Mexican spot, but leave your comfort zone and you just might discover a gem. Here are 10 places we urge you to try.

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Gorda's Baja Taco Finding Ensenada-style Mexican food is difficult in Phoenix, being that we're hundreds of miles from the ocean. Gorda's doesn't let that stop them from making juicy and flavorful shrimp tacos, and crispy fish tacos. It's easy to forget that you're in the middle of South Phoenix once you've stepped into the beach-y restaurant. Think Rubio's, but authentic.

Menuderia Guanajuato We often wonder whey this little eatery isn't packed. We've decided it's because it doesn't really look like a restaurant from the outside. The bright little building, protected by barred windows and front door, serves up some of the best enchiladas in the Valley, made with homemade tortillas. In fact, all of their tortilla-based dishes (think burritos, sopes, flautas), are made with homemade tortillas. Throw in refreshing horchata, and you'll wonder why you haven't heard of this place before.

Los Burritos Once you've tasted what this unsuspecting place has to offer, you'll be eternally grateful. Los Burritos fits the hole-in-the-wall style, and comes with great customer service. Try their burritos or tacos, but be sure no matter what you order as an entree, that you get yourself an order of their flan. It's not gooey and tasteless like other places. Los Burritos' flan is a cool caramel-flavored custard that doesn't come in a large enough portion.

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