A Peek at Tammie Coe's Improvements

A Peek at Tammie Coe's Improvements

I decided to swing by Tammie Coe for a latte and a treat this morning, curious to see the shop's recent remodel.

Even before I walked through the door, the changes were evident, with more umbrella tables and seating on the sidewalk. It feels a lot more like a mini-cafe than just a coffee nook, and the food selection is broader.

A Peek at Tammie Coe's Improvements

All of the slider sandwiches, salads, and side dishes are easier to grab and go from a fridge along the side. I gobbled down a roasted chicken and green goddess slider, on an awesome roll, in my car on the way to the office.

A Peek at Tammie Coe's Improvements

There's just more temptation all around -- a small rack of glossy magazines for sale, and a lot more treats that aren't in a glass case. All of these little individually wrapped goodies, displayed along the counter as if they were penny candy, were hard to resist.

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