A Pie-Inspired Superhero Name -- How Can We Resist?

A Pie-Inspired Superhero Name -- How Can We Resist?
Sativa Peterson

Chow Bella contributor Sativa Peterson is a good writer and a good cook. Just yesterday, she retired as our Monday Night Martha -- an exhausting role she recapped in some hits and misses

Sativa also has her own lovely blog -- called a little bird told me -- and today she happens to be talking about pie, our current obsession around here. (Also superheroes, another recent obsession.) 

Check it out. Find out Sativa's superhero name and how she came by it. And start thinking about what you'll bake for our Pie Social, November 13 on Roosevelt Row. Or just plan to come and taste. It's all for two great causes: Roosevelt Row and Phoenix Elementary After School Programs.

Who else is baking? Learn after the jump.
A Pie-Inspired Superhero Name -- How Can We Resist?
​Just added to our celebrity baker line-upVeronica Arroyo of Bourbon Steak and Slade Grove of Wicked Kitchen/Cookies From Home

Want to be a pie judge? Of course you do. Keep an eye on Chow Bella this week for details on how to enter our contest to become a judge. 

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