Aaron May's Vitamin T Opening Delayed at CityScape

Aaron May's Vitamin T Opening Delayed at CityScape

The original headline said, "Coming Soon to CityScape," but it turns out that the opening of Aaron May's new Mexican joint, Vitamin T, isn't happening quite soon enough.

Originally scheduled for tomorrow -- with much anticipation by Downtowners hungry for things like carne asada tacos with avocado-tomatillo salsa -- the latest addition to CityScape's restaurant mix won't open 'til next Friday.


Oh, just the usual passing-city-inspections kinda stuff, which seems to be the cause of most restaurant opening delays. The difference here is that the Vitamin T peeps kindly informed us of the situation, instead of leaving us hungry and clueless. 

So next Friday will be the opening, and there's a chance that it'll happen even sooner. Check the Vitamin T website or Twitter account for details next week.

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