Adorable Wallace and Gromit Inspired Contraption: Pancake-omatic

Adorable Wallace and Gromit Inspired Contraption: Pancake-omatic
Screen Cap: thehappyeggcompany/Youtube

The pancake-omatic is an automatic pancake making machine built by a team of designers over at The Happy Egg Co, a UK based company that turns out free range eggs and egg products. Their blog points out the wildly popular stop-motion series, Wallace & Gromit, as obvious inspiration.

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Apparently this device was created by a team of 4 engineers over 200 hours to construct and 100 hours to test. We're more than a little sad that they have yet to post videos of those tests since "hilarious failure" would be keeping closer to the source material in this case.

This device will be moved to the Design Museum in London later this month although it seems unlikely that it'll remain fully staffed with chicken and all. Of course seeing this makes one wonder: What other animal activated Rube Goldberg devices are out there? Thankfully, the internet did not disappoint.

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