The Creamsicle
The Creamsicle

Amber Miller's Creamsicle

Yesterday we met Amber Miller, the beauty pouring drinks Friday and Saturday nights at Axis/Radius. Today she shares with us the recipe for the Creamsicle, a drink that tastes exactly like it sounds.

"It's my favorite go-to drink for birthday shots or if a girl asks for a fruity or girly drink," Miller says. "It tastes just like an orange creamsicle. Most people order it as a shot, though some people like it as a cocktail."

Here we explain the recipe in shot form, though it can be expanded proportionally for larger drinks.

The ingredients:
1 oz. Pinnacle whipped cream vodka
1 oz. Orange juice
Float Grenadine

How to make it:
Combine orange juice and vodka in an ice-filled shaker. Mix well and pour into a shot glass. Top with a float of grenadine. Drink, and think about how much your tastes have evolved since you were a kid ordering creamsicles from the ice cream man.


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