Arizona: The Big Cheese

Kansas-based artist John Holcomb considers Arizona the Holy Land.

Or, make that Holey Land.

In his geography-inspired series of illustrations, The United Plates of America, he transforms the states of the union into popular foods. And no, he doesn't see Arizona as a giant tortilla, a plate of tuna tartare, or a gourmet burger.

Instead, we're a big ol' hunk of Swiss cheese. Turns out, it was the shape of our state that got the artist on a dairy tangent.

Our sister blog, Jackalope Ranch, unearthed that tasty tidbit for a new series called 365 Ideas. Take a look every day for something fun and funky.

And in the meantime, check out more of Holcomb's illos:



Arizona: The Big Cheese
Arizona: The Big Cheese


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