Athenian Express for Under $10

Athenian Express for Under $10

It's rare to go to central Phoenix's Athenian Express during the week and not see a packed house. The bustling eatery, which serves Greek and American breakfasts, lunches and early dinners, is busy for a reason--the cheap, quality food and friendly staff.


Athenian Express for Under $10

For this lunch, we ordered a vegan Boca burger with French fries ($5.45). The thickly cut fries are delicious, and the burger has a great meaty taste.

We also had a Mediterranean Plate ($7.50), which came with pita bread, a Greek salad, falafel and more. Soft drinks are $1.50, and for two people, the tab was less than $16.

The portions are ginormous--you might even take some food back with you.

And with the most expensive item, an Athenian salad, at $7.45, you can score lunch for less than $10 every visit.


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