Bake Like Wes Anderson's Mendl's Bakery: A Tutorial

Learn how to bake just like Wes Anderson would.
Learn how to bake just like Wes Anderson would.
Courtesy of Fox Searchlight.

Oh Wes Anderson, you've won our hearts once again by teaching us how to recreate Mendl's courtesan au chocolate, a fictional filled pastry that takes center stage in his new movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. With kitschy designs, muted pastels, and chocolate custard filling, the pastry is as fun to look at as it is to eat. Plus, a Wes Anderson baking tutorial is exactly as adorable as it sounds.

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Finally, our love of adorable things, pastries, and Wes Anderson movies can all coexist in one delicious package. Even if you don't get the fluffy pastry right, which can admittedly be tricky, you can always drown your sorrows in a bowl of chocolate custard while watching The Darjeeling Limited for the hundredth time. Win win.

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