Beach Bites: Cooking Dirty

Here's a juicy summer read we can't wait to dig into: Cooking Dirty by Jason Sheehan.

Sheehan happens to be the food critic at Westword, New Times' sister paper in Denver, but long before he launched his award-winning career as a food scribe, he worked his way through kitchens across the country, starting as a teenager at his neighborhood pizza place. From the sounds of it, Sheehan has pretty much seen it all.

As the title implies, this behind-the-scenes memoir of life in the restaurant biz promises to be as gritty and compelling as any Anthony Bourdain read -- or so we're led to believe, from all the mentions of Kitchen Confidential in the blurbs pimping Cooking Dirty.

Well, that and the book's subtitle: "A Story of Life, Sex, Love and Death in the Kitchen."

Sounds like our kind of read. 


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