Beau MacMillan Cooking at Monti's La Casa Vieja?

Chef Beau MacMillan.
Chef Beau MacMillan.
Maria Vassett

When New Times received a press release from Mont's indicating celebrity chef Beau MacMillan would be participating in Monti's La Casa Vieja's "Culinary Masters" guest chef series we couldn't help wondering, What the hell? 

This is Beau MacMillan we're talking about. The same Beau MacMillan who has reigned supreme among a pantheon of culinary greats when he beat Iron Chef Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America. The same Beau MacMillan that hosted Worst Cooks In America on Food Network.

What possible reason could Elements' executive chef have for moonlighting at an arguably passable steakhouse in Tempe that's the butt of many a joke among long-time Valley residents?

As it turns out, he was there to cook one hell of a meal.

Double Cut Pork Chops glazed with honey and garlic.
Double Cut Pork Chops glazed with honey and garlic.
Maria Vassett

MacMillan personally prepared orders of Fire Roasted Island Creek Oysters and Double Cut Pork Chops glazed with honey and garlic. He wrapped bacon over beef and served it with mushroom hash. He tickled the pleasure centers of every sweet tooth in the joint with Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie.

Get a taste of the full menu and see MacMillan ham it up in the kitchen in our slideshow from last night.

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