Before You Go Out, Think About Making These Meals Yourself

Grabbing to-go food might not be the healthiest choice, but it's often a heck of a lot easier than busting out cooking utensils, going shopping for ingredients and trying to make bean burritos and pad Thai ourselves.

But with New Year's resolutions of losing weight staring us down, we're looking for ways to save some calories, and saving a little green in the process isn't so bad, either. This handy-dandy guide from gives you 25 foods you might swear by ordering out but could start cooking for yourself at home--it's cheaper, fewer calories and oftentimes takes just as long as driving to the spot and picking it up or waiting for it to be delivered.

The menu on the site includes vegan, vegetarian and meat-filled items, so you can create menus for any types of eaters. And there's an added green living bonus in cooking for yourself--it cuts down on transportation and from waste filling up trash cans with take-out containers.

It's enough to convince us to start spending more time in the kitchen, and we'll be attempting this version of nachos soon.


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